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Defense Case Study

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The Challenge
The customer’s Aerospace division had risen to the challenge of today’s intense competitive pressures through a major reorganization that began to consolidate facilities and reduce costs.

But there was at least one area officials hadn’t fully explored for performance upgrade: test and measurement capital equipment.

  • Over 150,000 assets
  • 15 facilities in North America
  • But no comprehensive data about what was where, who was using what and what shape it was in.
These unknowns were anathema to the company’s data-driven, engineering-focused culture. Company leaders realized that not knowing the answers quickly translated into excessive hidden costs of ownership – equipment purchases, property taxes, storage space, calibration & maintenance, rental & lease costs, distractions of key technical staff, etc.

With demand for capital out-stripping supply, there was a clear need and plenty of room for dramatic improvement.

The Solution
A blueprint defined the essential elements of the solution, an implementation plan and pro-forma financial results against which Sente would measure future success. The goal was to launch and test the Sente Test Resource Management™ (TRM) system at one location, then implement it across the company.

Sente and the company’s in-house equipment service team worked together to audit existing equipment, set up the TRM structure – tailored processes, refined roles with metric responsibilities and integrated software tools – and introduce it at the beta site in just two weeks.

It didn’t take much longer for company leaders to see that the new system was working, leading to a rapid rollout:

  • 14 additional locations
  • 9-month implementation
  • Total of 90,000 assets brought into the system

The keystone of the solution is SenteBase™, custom software that measures utilization and provides real-time information on specific pieces of equipment – leading to smarter, more cost-effective decisions about every asset. In addition, Sente’s detailed knowledge of the cultural dynamics that needed to be overcome lead to quick adoption by labs and middle management as a mechanism to reduce costs.

The Results
The companywide implementation of the TRM solution led to several rapid, significant improvements, most notably:

  • Major reductions in human capital – the labor associated with tracking, maintaining and managing the company’s vital assets.
  • A significant increase in the ability to fund new projects in engineering.
  • Greater visibility to future resource constraints and available contingencies across multiple locations, enabling a shift from reactive to proactive responsiveness and an increase in operational responsiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Savings that exceeded the customer's already aggressive pro-forma goal by more than 20 percent.

The results produced were so substantial that the project recently won the company’s enterprise award, which recognizes projects that accelerate time-to-market by reducing costs and enabling innovation. The project won in the “largest business impact” category.

And today, Sente continues to work closely with the company on fully integrating the solution to include workflows, performance measurements and incentives on internal test functions and external test equipment service providers. These tight controls produce more accurate performance and cost comparisons with the intention of continually driving down “total” costs, while focusing company capital on its core competencies.

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