Latest Test Equipment Management Case Studies

The Pressure is on for Aerospace & Defense Companies. Budgets are tight. Quality and delivery demands are tougher. And the competition for shrinking federal dollars is growing by the day. That's why every company must make the best possible use of existing resources—and do so immediately.

These case studies are the stories of businesses winning the battle ... with the support of The Sente Group.

Aerospace Case StudyDiscover how one aerospace company saved human and operating capital, freeing it up for more strategic purposes
A global leader had risen to the challenge of today's intense competitive pressures through a major reorganization that consolidated facilities and reduced costs. But there was at least one area officials hadn't fully explored for performance upgrade: test and measurement capital equipment. Read More

Fortune 150 Defense Contractor achieve dramatic improvementsSente helps a Fortune 150 Defense Contractor achieve dramatic improvements
A corporate-wide assessment of capital assets uncovered a big problem: much more test equipment than anticipated in the customer's engineering labs. Company leaders knew they needed to act immediately. Engineering productivity and capacity was on the line. Read More

Fortune 150 Aerospace Manufacturer Quickly Saves MillionsA Fortune 150 Aerospace Manufacturer Quickly Saves Millions with Sente Test Resource Management™
At a time of strained budgets, the situation with the company's test resources had become urgent. Equipment sat idle in nooks and cabinets across the company, pushing utilization down to 15% and costing the company as much as $10M per year in excess operating costs. Read More


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