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Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management

Are Your Support Organizations Operating With a “DMV/Department” Mindset?

By Paul McNamara | October 26, 2019

I use the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on purpose.  We all know what it feels like to go into those organizations and attempt to be treated like a customer.  In a recent move, I learned that not all DMVs are so terrible, but none of them are good.  Good people trying hard can make…

Calibration Performance:
The One Move that Drops Costs, Frees Capacity, Accelerates Speed & Produces World-Class Compliance

By Paul McNamara | October 26, 2019

What are the Issues? When I listen to our customers who need improved calibration services and other leaders from the calibration industry I hear the description of a difficult situation. Customers of calibrations organizations are not satisfied with the cost, compliance levels (past dues and extensions) and the speed and responsiveness of the teams (bench-to-bench…

Software Aimed at Outcomes:
Designed for Practitioners, by Practitioners

By Paul McNamara | October 18, 2019

In the Beginning Our software has always been aimed at producing important outcomes for our customers because it was designed by our practitioners who were personally responsible for delivering those outcomes. Everyone in our company was focused on delivering results that far exceeded our costs so that our customers produced a significant and measurable ROI. …

Active Asset Management: Transforming for the 4th Industrial Revolution

By Paul McNamara | October 18, 2019

What is Active Asset Management? It is an approach that actively analyzes, targets, and makes improvements to the speed and competitiveness of asset-intensive enterprise processes in engineering and manufacturing.  It is an approach that aligns the action and urgency of every team member with the ultimate objective of their customer: to win the race! The…

Performance Acceleration
— Built Into the DNA of our Solutions —

By Paul McNamara | October 12, 2019

Computers have transformed almost everything around us.  One of the things they make possible is the acceleration of change, and therefore results, at scale. Why Are We The Only Software Company that Puts so Much Emphasis on People Probably because we were a services company before we were a software company and we knew to…

Sente Takes a “Whole System” Approach

By Paul McNamara | October 12, 2019

Our Whole System Approach to managing performance in mission-critical, asset-intensive enterprise processes, e.g. test, is why we’ve been able to help our customers drive award-winning results, helping them win enterprise best practice awards. Our results have been uncommon and superior: 25% to 85% increases to speed and responsiveness 40% to 75% reduction in equipment costs…

Knowledge Embedded in Software Amplifies Staff Capacity & Accelerates Time-to-Market

By Paul McNamara | October 5, 2019

We Focus on Accelerating Time-to-Market & Reducing Costs With Embedded Knowledge! And we’ve been focused there for over 20 years helping companies manage their performance in mission-critical, asset-intensive processes, e.g. test, enabling them to lower their cost and accelerate time-to-market.  We initially focused on test because of the large investment companies make there and over…

Asset Management Success Factors: It’s the Humans, Stupid!

By Paul McNamara | October 4, 2019

To understand what differentiates Sente, you must first look at our approach from a philosophical perspective because that philosophy leads to knowledge requirements in our organization which then leads to the capabilities of our solutions and the award-winning results we’ve produced: 50% reduction to costs and capital requirement and up to 2X increases to speed.…

Accelerate Enterprise Processes with Trustworthy Networks-of-Test-Capabilities

By Paul McNamara | September 29, 2019

We’ve Been Building Resilient and Trustworthy Test Networks for Over 20 Years. Operations supported by test equipment are one of the most costly asset-intensive environments in large manufacturing companies. The practices and tools we use to build our customers’ asset networks are proven by results:  reducing equipment spend over 50% while decrease critical process cycle…

Are You Building a Foundation for Speed?

By Paul McNamara | September 25, 2019

Every solution you install in your company should enable you to increase your speed and reduce cost, and minimally should “do no harm” in either area.  Most solutions today fail this test and inadvertently reinforce old behaviors that add costs and delays.  Our solutions are designed for both cost reduction and speed and aimed at…