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Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management

Accelerate Enterprise Processes with Trustworthy Networks-of-Test-Capabilities

By Paul McNamara | September 29, 2019

We’ve Been Building Resilient and Trustworthy Test Networks for Over 20 Years. Operations supported by test equipment are one of the most costly asset-intensive environments in large manufacturing companies. The practices and tools we use to build our customers’ asset networks are proven by results:  reducing equipment spend over 50% while decrease critical process cycle…

Are You Building a Foundation for Speed?

By Paul McNamara | September 25, 2019

Every solution you install in your company should enable you to increase your speed and reduce cost, and minimally should “do no harm” in either area.  Most solutions today fail this test and inadvertently reinforce old behaviors that add costs and delays.  Our solutions are designed for both cost reduction and speed and aimed at…

Equipment Utilization: What’s your number?

By Paul McNamara | September 22, 2019

Measuring equipment utilization is the best way I know to determine if your assets are being hoarded and, as a result, your business is incurring all of the costs of lost time and unnecessary money spent that comes with hoarding. To solve the utilization problem requires first an understanding of why it happens and what…

Stop Hoarding, Start Collaborating, Accelerate Results

By Paul McNamara | September 22, 2019

Why do People Hoard? Hoarding is the result of people not trusting they will get what they need when they need it.  They hoard test equipment, knowledge about tests, or services required to keep a test environment up and running and compliant…like calibration, repair, maintenance services.  They do this because they feel if they don’t…

That One Bad Habit That Costs You Millions

By Paul McNamara | September 17, 2019

Chances are if you’ve worked around test for a while, you already know the one bad habit that sets test teams back the most due to how visible it is. The habit is hoarding- hoarding of equipment, labor, support services, and knowledge.  Equipment hoarding leads: Ultra-low utilization of equipment, 10% to 20% instead of 60%…

Sente’s Solution Components…What They Are, What They Aren’t and The Big Picture

By Paul McNamara | September 12, 2019

Sente’s Pioneering Efforts Sente has been recognized as the pioneer of the Test Resource Management space where our solutions have been winning awards from customers and analysts for over 20 years.  This has been the vision we’ve pursued since our founding in 1997 and it is why we have the complete solution set that we…