Working Together, Better by Transforming the way test resources are managed

Getting new, producable, high quality, and highly valued products to market fast and supporting their production to maximize revenue is the essential job of engineering.

In today's highly competitive environment doing this to beat competitive standards is essential. You won't achieve these goals with a one size fits all approach for managing resources across functions.

Managing equipment and resources effectively in engineering takes different capabilities than it does in say, manufacturing, where for the most part assets are bolted to the floor and dedicated to a limited set of users.

Working Together, Better means including capabilities in your resource management solution that accounts for the fundamental differences of your organization, enabling you to:

  • Satisfy your internal customers
  • Beat competitive standards
  • Leverage assets & knowledge across your organization
  • Freeing up time and resources to fuel growth
  • Measure and quantify the financial benefits of the program

Engineering Outcomes

50% to 75% Reduced OPEX & CAPEX

Active Asset Optimization using Consoles

30% Faster Test Processes

Enabled through better coordination of resources



Increase in utilization from sharing


2X Proactive

Reduced reactiveness through increased visibility & coordination

Notable Quotes

"Sente has demonstrated success with its blooming Test Resource Management™ solution based on a 1) unique software capability to optimize the cost of operations and manage the complexity of test operations and 2) their strategic implementation approach which produces vertical and horizontal integration and leads to a highly responsive test process."

Frost & Sullivan Analyst

"What I like about TRM is how it has turned my engineers into businesspeople. They think in terms of investment and return now."

VP of Engineering

“My engineers have high praise. They say Sente's solution has saved them lots of money, given them access to a huge inventory of test equipment and saved them the time and trouble of securing the right equipment for the job.”

Engineering Manager

“This program was one of the first engineering initiatives focused on the output of the entire system’s architecture, which led to the shift of our laboratory and test equipment culture from a stovepipe mentality to an integrated team across the organization,”


Director of Engineering Labs

“Test Resource Management has been instrumental in changing the mindset of engineering to think in terms of sharing the test equipment, and treating the test environment as a business within a business,”


Director of Engineering

Notable Features

Accountability Consoles

Accountability consoles enable tracking of process compliance so trust in the processes grows.  As trust builds in all engineering processes, so does sharing, collaboration, and speed.


Action Grid

Customize your data grids for whatever workflow you are executing whether you are scheduling calibrations, analyzing test process breakdowns and corrective actions or simply accounting for assets you own.


Accelerate Utilization and increase availability
Capability for accessing equipment availability, making requests for equipment, assessing equipment inventory risk, planning capacity, optimizing utilization and reducing total-cost-of-ownership.


Equipment Search

Finding the piece of equipment that will fulfill your needs quickly is essential to speed and eliminating just-in-case equipment and costs.


Risk Reduction Console

As risky assets are removed, reliability improves. Knowing historical and planned utilization, specific program use and obsolescence data enable teams to remove those ticking time-bombs.

Capability for planning and coordinating multiple test events with the resources, equipment and associated calibration and maintenance services required to avoid unforeseen, last minute conflicts or delays

Lab Management Console

Bring visibility to all key test activities and associated resources enabling constraint analysis and contingency planning to avoid unnecessary costs and delays.



Process Breakdown Console

Instrument the processes your assets are used in and capture process breakdowns in this powerful Console enabling focus on key issues slowing your processes down.


Integrated Equipment Request

Improve readiness of all of the ancillary equipment you'll need to successfully complete your test. Be alerted if a device will require calibration or maintenance actions prior to or during the anticipated test time.


Software for preventing downtime including scheduling of maintenance events in multiple time horizons, documenting maintenance methods, auto-scheduling events, managing service teams, and escalating downtime issues when they occur.


Equipment Performance Console (downtime, rts, MTBS)

Ongoing analysis of equipment performance enables proactive shaping of the inventory to increase uptime, reducing costly delays in investment in un-needed equipment.


Equipment Performance Console (Pareto)

Being able to analyze systemic issues in your engineering test environment and feed a closed-loop improvement process is essential to driving speed and cost reduction

It is important that all investments produce returns. Working with your team and leverage our FinanceTRM module we give you that real-time visibility.


Everyone knows that poor communication is a big part of why most projects fail to reach full potential. During a time of fast change poor communication also leads to distrust and lack of engagement.  Our communication methodology targets specific roles with complete narratives and multiple sources of interaction ensuring all key constituents are engaged, adopting the practices and producing breakthrough results.