Keeping equipment up and running so tests and production meet their goals

Scireo® ServiceTRM™

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS Software)

Working Together, Better by keeping equipment up and running so tests and production meet their goals

ServiceTRM™ is used by equipment users, support groups and their management in manufacturing or engineering to coordinate preventive maintenance tasks aimed at reducing downtime, accelerating time-to-market and increasing revenue throughput. Using the onboard SupportTRM™ capability, break-fix performance is coordinated and measured enabling a continuous feedback loop used to optimize PM tasks for performance and return-on-resources.

Customizable escalations
and notifications

Through email and text ensure the right people find out about issues quickly and efficiently.


Root-cause, correct
action findings

Closed-loop process to drive improvements in preventive maintenance procedures.

Contextual data about production or engineering test schedules
It enables faster prioritization and less disruptive /lower cost coordination of tasks.

Notable Features

Equipment Performance Console

Used by managers aiming at reducing the downtime of their assets. Reports downtime, mean time between failure (MTBF) and Return-to-Service measures. Capable of filtering on sites, factories, platforms or specific issue categories. Like all consoles, each bar can be drilled into for access to the details driving the performance. Details are displayed on Scireo's Action Grids which are also sortable and filterable.


Downtime Issue Console

Used by managers aiming at reducing the downtime of their assets by reducing systemic failure issues. Each bar can be drilled into for access to specific failures within each category. Those details are displayed on Scireo's Action Grids which are also sortable and filterable.

Console Total View

Maintenance personnel can easily schedule preventive maintenance to reduce disruption because this console provides visibility to all events scheduled to take place on your shop floor, from test event preparation to execution or production. Equipment users can easily launch a request for support from the screens they are using to manage the scheduling of their facilities and maintenance managers can see scheduled maintenance visually. This In-the-box-integration ensures the association between the specific asset down, the issue, its duration, and the specific event interrupted are available for analysis.


Visual Display

Our visual display can be used on a desktop or large-screen display to quickly identify and locate issues. Indicators can be inserted on facility layouts or any custom layout.

Maintenance Checklists

Our checklists are able to infinitely expand database schema quickly, without development, in a way that is available to workflows and reporting. Includes the ability to use radio buttons, pull-down menus and configure fields for dates, times/duration, and money. Users can also attach documents/schematics, images or links.

Flexible Assertions

Flexible Assertions

Provides the unlimited capacity to add fields in multiple different data forms (date, number, radio button etc.) quickly and easily extending the database schema with no need for development.  Data is extracted with the Flexible Analytics capability in reports that can be scheduled for distribution or exported to other systems.

Other Capabilities:

  • Escalations and Notifications
  • Create service tickets
  • Asset Pedigree Data
  • Time-based or metered maintenance
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Configuration/Parent-Child
  • Calibration Management
  • Inventory Controls
  • Mobile Access
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Scheduling / Auto Scheduling
  • Service History Tracking
  • Technician Management
  • Barcoding / RFID
  • Work Order Management
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • Document Management
  • Downtime Tracking
  • Reason code tracking and analysis
  • OEE
  • Integration with IoT
30% Downtime Reduction

Fact-based focus on performance & obsolescence

85% Response Time Improvement

Issue escalation and visible metrics drive ownership

15% Reduction in Labor

New actions with high-risk assets

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Better coordination of test resources

"My team's instantaneous awareness of problem reports with a structured way or recording root-cause and corrective actions allowed for a historical review of data, robust trend analysis and more better lessons learned reduces trouble tickets."

- Factory Support Team Manager

"While competing companies provide test asset management solutions that offer simple inventory tracking capabilities to customers, Sente focuses on providing a variety of integrated solutions that bring efficiency and effectiveness to test operations and that enable improved alignment with the supply base. Sente’s TRM tools have improved utilization rates of test assets (with cases using Scireo exceeding 50%), reduced downtime caused by unnecessary equipment requests—in some cases customers have pared down from 16 weeks to less than 1 day—and enhanced program schedules.

- Industry Analyst


Manufacturing Solutions

Keeping your factories running efficiently and delivering products on-time to customers has always been job one in manufacturing. In today's age of intensifying competition, the stakes are even greater.  See how our solutions help.

Engineering Solutions

Delivering new, high quality, and highly valued products to market fast and supporting production to maximize revenue is the essential job of engineering. In today's highly competitive environment see how our solutions help you succeed.

Finance & Quality

The ability to make resource investment decisions quickly & effectively then following up to ensure those investments are used and maintained so they produce the expected return is critical to success.  See how our solutions help.

Case Studies

Case Study: Leading Defense Manufacturer

See how a Blueprint-for-Action baselined their situation and rapidly installed Scireo suite. It enabled a 50% reduction in obsolete equipment, provided equipment for their growing workforce and solved their compliance challenges.

Case Study: Fortune 100 Aerospace Manufacturer

This company’s factory support group was struggling to satisfy its customers without factual data. See how installing Scireo TRM software helped them improve response time 85%, reduced downtime 30% and satisfied those customers.