Get All of Your Test Resources

-- Equipment, People, Knowledge & Facilities --

Working Together, Better

Accelerating Time-to-Market & Reducing Non-Value Added Costs in Engineering & Manufacturing

How Sente's Solutions are Unique


Increasing Speed of Enterprise Processes

Testing is mission-critical because of its integration in manufacturing and engineering processes. Our solutions are designed to accelerate these processes while at the same time reducing test costs.


Enabling Agility and Resilience

We give you visibility to all the resources you manage at your fingertips without clicking through multiple systems & data sources. Quickly analyze people, equipment or facility conflicts & plan contingencies.


Removing Barriers to Velocity

Sente's solutions overcome barriers and accelerate outcomes at scale.  Common one-off solutions reinforce the silos they were designed to support and thwart collaboration, innovation, and speed.

Case Studies

Winning requires new capabilities for collaborating and sharing and an end to the hoarding of equipment, knowledge, and resources that kill speed and adds costs.

These are the stories of businesses winning the battle -- building trust, going faster, reducing costs -- with the help of The Sente Group.

Case Study: Fortune 100 Aerospace Manufacturer

This company’s factory support group was struggling to satisfy its customers without factual data. See how installing Scireo TRM software helped them improve response time 85%, reduced downtime 30% and satisfied those customers.

Case Study: Fortune 100 Global Aerospace

Like many aerospace companies, this one had many sites and different legacy cultures on each. See how they installed common resource management tools, increased utilization 3X and funded new programs.

Proven Results


Support Cost Reduction


Calibration Compliance


Utilization Improvement


Test Process Reduction

50% – 75%

Reduced Acquisition Costs

Notable Quotes

"What I like about TRM is how it has turned my engineers into businesspeople. They think in terms of investment and return now."

VP of Engineering

“Sente’s TRM solution saved me 6 weeks during a 6-month project. This delighted our customer, saved us money and enabled me to focus my key technical talent on another new project 6 weeks earlier than planned.”

Director of Engineering

“This program was one of the first engineering initiatives focused on the output of the entire system’s architecture, which led to the shift of our laboratory and test equipment culture from a stovepipe mentality to an integrated team across the organization.”

Director of Engineering Labs

“Sente’s Scireo® solution sets a new benchmark in customer experience by increasing collaboration and communications among all participants of a test program. They drive cycle time and cost efficiencies, optimizing asset utilization and technical labor productivity, and applying best practices in knowledge management to increase speed and drive standardization of test resources.”

Frost & Sullivan Analyst

"The program helped company leaders exceed their capital avoidance goal by more than 100 percent, and top their operating expense savings and cash-flow targets by more than 300 percent."

Director of Finance

Connected Test

Powered by our award-winning Scireo® test resource management solution, freeing test teams to reach their full potential by connecting people, processes, data and equipment to increase trust and improve collaboration and responsiveness.


Transform mindsets to empower purpose-driven teams to collaborate and invent



Ensuring alignment of resources and commitments through improved integration & visibility



Enabling fact-based decision making driven by data from multiple integrated sources



Highly available, easily searchable & affordable so your teams have "what they need, when they need it"