Working Together, Better

Award-winning software and service that transforms your organizational structures, revolutionizes outcomes, and helps your people succeed together in complex environments.

We help organizations realize accelerated and enduring transformation.



Up to 50% reduction in costs.



Up to 50% improved speed.



Up to 75% improved flow with lower costs.

Improving Organizational Structures

What if you could rethink your assumptions about speed, efficiency, and success?

It doesn’t have to be a grind.

People. Tools. Practices. Financials.


Organizational Structures



  • Intentional
  • Collaborative
  • Engaged


  • Aligned with Mission
  • Integrated
  • High Availability
  • Low Total Cost


  • Speed Algorithm
  • Fresh / New
  • Playbooks


  • Lower Costs
  • Higher Growth
  • High ROI

Sente’s solution saved me 6 weeks during a 6-month project. This delighted our customer, saved us money and enabled me to focus my key technical talent on another new project 6 weeks earlier than planned.”

— Director of Engineering

This program was one of the first engineering initiatives focused on the output of the entire system’s architecture, which led to the shift of our laboratory and test equipment culture from a stovepipe mentality to an integrated team across the organization.”

— Director of Engineering Labs

Sente’s Scireo® solution sets a new benchmark in customer experience by increasing collaboration and communications among all participants of a test program. They drive cycle time and cost efficiencies, optimizing asset utilization and technical labor productivity, and applying best practices in knowledge management to increase speed and drive standardization of test resources.”

— Frost & Sullivan Analyst

The program helped company leaders exceed their capital avoidance goal by more than 100 percent, and top their operating expense savings and cash-flow targets by more than 300 percent."

— Director of Finance

You guys aren’t a normal software vendor. When you promise results, you really mean it.”

— Director Asset Mgt.

Case Study

Like many companies, this one needed to transform their test operations for better efficiency. Many different projects, departments and functions shared much of the same equipment. Previous efforts to increase efficiency instead produced frustration and hoarding. We re-envisioned a new approach and got wildly new and better results and happier engineers.


Cost savings: with improved sharing across the enterprise.



Increase to speed: Focused teams no longer had to search for equipment.