Papers & Insights

Industry Analysts and Sente leaders offer their thinking about the importance of Test Resource Management (TRM) Solutions for competing in the 4th Industrial Revolution in the context of a marketplace filled with one size fits all Enterprise Asset Management Solutions, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems or Lab Management Systems that unknowingly tether performance to standards that are becoming increasingly uncompetitive.

Analyst White Papers


Analyst Award "Customer Value Enhancement"

Analysts from Frost and Sullivan explain what makes Sente's solutions and approach different and outline the measurable value Sente produces for customers beyond common approaches.


Analyst Award for "Customer Value Leadership"

Frost and Sullivan's analysts dig deep into Sente's Scireo software to show how it enables high-value results at scale.

Light Papers


What is Test Resource Management?

Our Founder and CEO writes about Test Resource Management:  a new class of solution, aimed at the unique needs of test organizations in engineering, manufacturing, and quality.


Breakthrough Results Require Breakthrough Philosophy

Sente's founder writes about the mindset and orientation required to design and execute change that is effective, strategic and better than what your competition can do.


Why is Test Resource Management Required

Our Founder and CEO puts TRM in the context of the larger changes going on in the marketplace and the challenges of today's test organizations.


Transformation: Human Centered,
Technology Enabled

Our Founder and CEO writes about where to look for help with your transformation effort and some opportunities you might have overlooked.


TSG-Graphic-Quality Improvements (1)

Fix compliance issues FAST!

With our Accountability Consoles, sources of non-compliance become easier to identify and fix, enabling your teams to work together, better, to satisfy auditors.

TSG-Graphic Commercial Insight

Make Change Fun

We’ve turned change management into a science. Integrated into our Scireo software’s DNA, it consistently enables breakthrough results and helps teams Work Together, Better by eliminating organizational friction and drag.

TSG-Graphic Cost Savings

Help with reducing your costs, FAST!

See what we produced using Scireo’s Accountability Practices and Governance Support Processes.

TSG-Graphic-Speed Improvement

What could you do with more time?

We make it possible to identify and overcome cultural/behavioral barriers getting in the way of your test team’s speed and effectiveness.