About Us

Our Vision

An intelligently-connected, resilient organization of enterprise assets & resources --- Working Together, Better. 

Our Mission

Significantly increase the speed, capability, quality and competitiveness of today’s highly-complex, asset-intensive enterprise processes.

Our Core Purpose

We help our constituents -- employees, customers, partners, & owners -- produce large returns on their costs with us (time, money, other opportunities) by helping them increase their competitiveness, value, profitability, and incomes.

“We hired Sente because it felt like they were going to do something with us, not to us.”

-- Test Engineer

Our Core Values

Passion for Customer Success

Helping customers produce outcomes that are valuable to them and us. BEING THEIR CHAMPION!

Competitive Learning

A "Learn it All" versus a "Know it all" culture. An addiction to learning new things to beat competitive standards enabling our customers to succeed.

Integrity of Actions

Our practices, narratives and strategies have integrity, are trustworthy and focused on valuable outcomes.  We talk straight. No BS.


Create a fluid environment of collaboration and sharing to produce competitive advantage within Sente, our customers and suppliers.

Our Story

Sente has been in business since 1997 helping companies with large investments in test Work Together, Better by leveraging their enterprise assets to increase speed and reduce costs. Our laser focus has enabled us to win numerous customer and industry awards. Frost and Sullivan, a leading market research firm, awarded us their Customer Value Enhancement Award and seated us on their Hall of Fame panel saying, “While other companies provide asset  management solutions that offer tactical assistance, Sente focuses on delivering solutions that have a strategic and long-term impact on customers’ test environments.”

In recognition that we’d gone well beyond those early asset management capabilities, Frost and Sullivan later awarded us their Customer Value Leadership Award for Test Resource Management Software which leverages our Scireo® accelerated Enterprise Asset Management (aEAM) solution with embedded test knowledge.  Scireo is Sente’s smart platform for managing assets and resources in highly complex, asset-intensive environments.