About Our Company

Our Core Purpose

We help people and the companies they work for succeed

transforming their organizational structures until they are 

Working Together, Better 

Our Core Values


We know how to get and give help. We have empathy for others. We offer help that makes a real difference to people. We lower people's costs, and make their success more likely.

Creative and Innovative

We are focused on outcomes and open to all kinds of different ways to achieve them.  We experiment and iterate.  We always act with humility, never assuming ours is the only or right way.


We own our commitments. We are clear about our commitments, the knowledge we require to fulfill them, and the knowledge gaps we must close to be effective. We don't create or causes messes.  


We are who our customers remember and love to talk about. They trust and value us because we deliver.  We work "with" people, don't do things "to" them. We have people want our help.

Customer Quotes

“The way you guys thought about things and what you brought to the teams I was responsible for was different and it made a big difference in my career and for our business.”

-- Sr Director, Business Unit P&L

“We hired Sente because it felt like they were going to do something with us, not to us.”

-- Test Engineer

“You guys aren't a normal software vendor. When you promise results, you really mean it.”

-- Director, Enterprise Asset Management

 Our Story

Sente is a term from the ancient strategy game, go, which means to "take the initiative." Go was used by generals in the ancient world to plan strategies that enable them to have or take the initiative by making multi-purposed or "full" moves freeing resources for offensive action while eliminating defects that could be costly in counter-attacks.   For 25 years we've helped companies "take the initiative" by bringing products to market faster with less investment.  Our laser focus has enabled us to win numerous customer and industry awards. Frost and Sullivan, a leading market research firm, awarded us their Customer Value Enhancement Award for services and also seated us on their Best Practice Hall of Fame panel saying, “While other companies provide asset  management solutions that offer tactical assistance, Sente focuses on delivering solutions that have a strategic and long-term impact on customers’ test environments.”

Enterprise Asset Management Company

In recognition that we’d gone well beyond those early asset management capabilities, Frost and Sullivan later awarded us their Customer Value Leadership Award for Software that leverages our Scireo® solution with embedded test knowledge and acceleration algorithms.  Scireo is Sente’s smart platform for managing assets and resources in highly complex, asset-intensive environments.

Our eBook contains case studies, explanations about our philosophy and approach, descriptions of our various software capabilities, and more.