Emily's Asset Management Team

Follow along through this series of 1-minute videos as Emily's asset management team of engineers, program managers, technicians, support staff, and finance learn what's holding them back and what they need to do to get products to market faster and with higher margins.

Emily's Slightly Dysfunctional Asset Management Team!

With increasing demands for speed, there is no room for dysfunction, however slight. Teams need to invent new ways of operating to fulfill company and individual goals and ambitions. Watch the episodes below to see how Emily's team uses Scireo "Accelerated" Enterprise Asset Management to transform their performance!

Episode 1: Emily is Frustrated

…her internal customer needs to get critical milestone tests completed to receive payment this month but she doesn't have the equipment she needs to get the job done. Finance confirms there is no budget -- adding to the pressure.  Emily learns what could be the root of all of her problems!

Episode 2: She's Paying the Price

…of Midnight Acquisition.  Emily learns that The Bandit can strike at any time creating havoc for unsuspecting engineers.  The Bandit doesn't think he's bad, he doesn't worry about anything but getting his job done.  His motto, "Why beg or borrow when I can steal?"  Learn about Emily's approach to reforming The Bandit.

Episode 3: The Bandit is Driven by the Asset Management Team

…to his "life of crime" by a group of unsuspecting colleagues. Her colleagues. The Bandit is committed to getting his job done but without help from his colleagues in engineering, finance, and programs he acts on his own. Everyone's doing their job but it's not working. Emily has an idea.

Episode 4: The Team Assembles

…to figure out what's going wrong.  The team learns how the complexity of the operating environment combined with their actions gives The Bandit no choice as he wreaks havoc on schedules, efficiency, and team relationships.  The team needs a new approach on their asset management team.

Episode 5: A New Approach

…that will enable the team to manage their complex situations and end the dysfunction. It will end midnight acquisition so the team can turn their full attention to more critical operational challenges and commitments:  changing schedules, managing costs, and hitting aggressive deadlines.

Episode 6: Avoiding the Minefield

...of hidden conflicts, delays, and costs are critical for the team. Teams must have the ability to anticipate and respond to constantly changing situations while always staying aimed at budget and schedule commitments. Watch as the team designs and executes their plan.

Episode 7: The Asset Team, Powered by Data

...that is complete, accurate, and easy to find increases team speed.  Over 90% of the time assets are available when managed using Scireo. You won't waste time searching for assets that aren't available. Scireo Knows! When they aren't available, work with a trusted rental partner and track those assets in Scireo as well.

Episode 8: Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later!

...Gus from maintenance knows if you don't get your maintenance done you will pay the price. See how Gus, Emily, and Ted work to get maintenance done without disruption to ongoing tests or delays to important schedules and milestones! Go asset management team!

Meet Emily's Asset Management Team

This is the asset management team Emily's been working with to design new practices, using new tools to accelerate time-to-market, reduce costs, and create better, less frustrating, more productive, and fun working relationships.
Team Picture 2

Case Studies for Consideration

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Fortune 50: Space & Communications

See how Sente ended hoarding and dropped millions of dollars on this company’s bottom line.


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