Emily's Asset Adventures, Episode 3

Midnight Acquisition Kills Speed & Utilization …

End Midnight Acquisition! Reform the Bandit Now!

While everyone may be well intended…

…their intentions propel the bandit into his "life of crime" and midnight acquisition. Technical personnel, program management, and finance are all motivated by their commitments to schedule milestones, budgets, and financial returns.  These all seem good, right? ...

That won't stop midnight acquisition!

The team has to understand each other's challenges and motivations so they can help each other.  In fact, they can vault past what they think is possible. Scireo solutions help your teams end midnight acquisition.  This drives dramatic improvements to equipment utilization and speed. Make life easier by ending midnight acquisition.

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Emily Learns About Hoarding!

In our first episode, Emily can't find the equipment she needs when she needs it.  Click below to visit Emily's hoarding page.


Emily Meets the Bandit!

In our second episode, Emily discovers midnight acquisition and learns it unwittingly increases costs and delays.


Take Care of Your Engineers!

When engineers get the equipment they need, when they need it, their productivity soars. Our CEO discusses our capabilities.


Trap Blog
Good Intentions Without Capability is a Costly Trap!

Learn how one missed commitment can cascade into millions of dollars in costs across multiple programs.


Asset Management Teamwork - Blog
Is Your Team Focused on Winning?

How teams are constituted, including team and individual intentions being in harmony, brings focus on winning.


Fortune 50: Leading Defense Manufacturer

See how Sente helped this company end midnight acquisition and cut asset inventory by 35% as their business grew 10%.


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