Emily's Asset Adventures, Episode 1

Everyone’s counting on Emily …

But she can't get her job done.

Everyone is counting on Emily…

…her internal customer needs to get critical milestone tests completed to receive payment this month. Finance confirms there is no budget but Emily still needs equipment and she needs it now. She needs specific capabilities to complete the test. Running out of time and with no budget what will she do? Watch to find out…

Emily can Count on Sente for Help…

We've been helping test engineers like Emily for years. We’ve placed content below that addresses the issues Emily faces in the video. We hope they help you understand the causes of Emily’s problems as they are not uncommon.  If you would like to talk with us about your situation and how we might be able to help sign up below.

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Why Do Engineers Hoard?

Listen to our CEO describe why engineers hoard equipment then click below to learn more about the costs of hoarding.


Sente is Transforming Test

Helping companies get products to market faster and at lower costs. We call it Connected Test.


Fortune 100: Broadband Services Provider

See how Sente helped this global competitor become even more competitive!


Celebrate Capital Investments - Blog
Enable Critical Investments, Accelerate Time-To-Market

Hoarding means you spend more money on capabilities you already own. End hoarding, invest in your future.


Distrust leads to hoarding
Ending That One Bad Habit That Costs You Millions!

Chances are if you’ve worked around test for a while, you already know the one bad habit that sets test teams back the most.


Fortune 50: Space & Communications

See how Sente ended hoarding and dropped millions of dollars on this company’s bottom line.


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