Driving Transformative Levels of Efficiency


A Unique New Approach That Helps:

Grow Revenues by 2X

Reduce Cycle Times by 35%

Reduce Assets and Associated Costs by 50%

Increase Learning and Career Trajectories

Presented at

The 38th Annual Symposium of

The International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA)

By Paul McNamara, Founder & CEO, The Sente Group, Inc.

Overview and Lessons from History 0:00

Practices of Today's Leading Disruptors 7:00

Roots of Cultural Barriers 10:10

Case Study: Challenges 12:00

Case Study: Root Cause and Solution 17:15

Case Study: Outcomes  27:48

Summary:  Tactical and Strategic Requirements  32:16

Video Recording of Answers to Questions and Other Content

Below are video answers to questions posed by people interested in more detail about our digital transformation strategy.  

Do you have any good examples of collaboration tools?

We mention three different collaboration tools helpful to our digital transformation efforts giving some details about the tool we use to collaborate on narratives with what Jeff Bezos calls "High-Resolution Detail."

How do you achieve such high levels of data accuracy?

We understand the root cause mechanisms that make and keep data inaccurate.  We also know how to fix it.  Data inaccuracy is one of the many symptoms of a more significant cultural issue that must be dealt with in order to fix the issue at its root and enable significantly increased speed, lower costs, and a fun and productive working environment.

Can we accelerate culture change?

Digital transformation must be grounded in sound principles.  Thinking and action that is not grounded in first principles will inevitably fail.  At the symposium, we heard this kind of thinking called "magical."  While engineers must be grounded in physics and engineering principles, leaders committed to digital transformation and culture change must be grounded in some of the principles discussed in this article.

Teams Must Transform to Compete in the Digital Age!

Teams are able to work together in new ways made possible by the use of connected digital tools. Emily's team of project managers, finance, engineers, and others tackle one of today's toughest problems. Hear about the team and then follow them on their adventures.

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