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Paul McNamara

According to the dictionary, when you grind something you use force to wear down, crush, or pulverize it. When we use “grind” to describe our work the characterization is stark. The “grind” produces moods of resignation, distrust, cynicism, and fatigue that are as unrelenting as the forces producing them. We don’t have to work in these moods.

Far more enjoyable and rewarding moods are curiosity, enthusiasm, passion, resolve, respect, and trust. You won’t find them in the grind but until you understand how to cope with the forces producing the grind you can’t escape them and catch the new asset management wave: Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management.

Avoid Getting Stuck in the Grind (or get unstuck)

Marketplace forces and lack of language, skill, and capability to cope with them produce the grind. The forces wear us down. Forces like competition, technology, economics, demographics, and politics are producing new competitive requirements for companies. An example we hear a lot is new requirements for speed and time-to-market. Employees are being asked to bring products to market twice as fast but often don’t have the language or capabilities they require to do so.  They don’t know and their solutions haven’t been designed with knowledge of first principles that will drive speed.  Typical asset management capabilities haven’t been designed this way and thwart efforts to accelerate the complex, asset-intensive processes that bring products to the market.  So, everyone continues to do what doesn’t work because that’s what they know. They throw their bodies at the problem. They get worn down and feel threatened. No matter how hard they work they can’t hit the new goals. Maybe it isn’t possible. They get cynical and resigned. They are stuck in the grind. Worn down.  Crushed.

Open Your Horizon to New Possibilities

Stop grinding, get unstuck, and start looking for help in new places. The old places no longer work…by definition. We write about this in our Blog Post “Is Your Team Ready for its Moneyball Moment?” about a team that set performance records at a fraction of the cost. What seems impossible may not be.  Sente can help make your asset management capabilities a competitive advantage and we have powerful networks that help us and can help you as well.  The proof of help is in our asset management results.

  • 4X increases to Utilization
  • 50% Reduction in Operating Capital Requirements
  • Improved Asset Capabilities
  • 90% Reduction of Non-Valued Added time by asset management customers
  • 25% to 50% reduction in cycle times
  • 97% Location Accuracy
  • Virtual elimination of asset hoarding

When you have the capabilities and skills required, what was once a threat or risk (whether we knew about it or not) and had us trapped in “the grind” transforms itself into an opportunity. A master surfer with the required skills and capabilities knows how to use the force of large waves to accelerate through a long ride while staying safe. Surfers without the necessary capabilities might not even be able to catch the wave and, if they did, might be hurt by it.

Catch the Wave With Your Team

Sente helps you with the fresh new asset management capabilities that help your teams increase the speed and competitiveness of today’s complex, asset-intensive operations. Our software and practices help to break the silos and increase collaboration and sharing across functions, ending hoarding and increasing utilization, availability, and speed. Our software is designed and integrated to be useful to a broad range of users who rely on each other to use the system appropriately and will hold each other accountable for helping the team win. In addition to asset managers, they include asset users, functional management from engineering, manufacturing, finance, quality, and purchasing. The Asset Team.

Sente’s Important Capabilities are Helping Asset Teams, “Work Together, Better”

Our Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management software and our Strategic and Tactical Services ensure everyone on the team is pulling in the same direction so that costs are decreased, barriers to speed are removed and work becomes enjoyable and rewarding.

Your Most Important Asset is Your People

One thing our solutions are known for is their helpfulness to people, their objectives, and their ambitions by saving them time, energy, money and lost opportunities to keep their focus on strategic issues with the tools they need to be successful.  Our Core Purpose and Core Values direct us to be helpful in this way. We know we’ve achieved these purposes when customers achieve an outcome they didn’t think possible and received the recognition and boost to their career that they earned as a result. Many of our customers have been recognized by their management with enterprise awards for performance. The most recent example was a young engineer who, recently promoted, when speaking about our project with her Vice President said, “The change in culture that has taken place across our teams and with our internal customer has been amazing. The trust we’ve built across the organization makes it a much better place to work than five years ago. No more blaming, everyone’s after the truth. I’m excited about the future.”

We need more moods like that and less of the grind!  Catch the wave! Sign up for a demo.

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Notable Quotes

“Sente’s Practices have made a significant measurable impact on our bottom line.  Equally valuable to me is how they’ve contributed to my efforts to create a more collaborative environment in my engineering groups.”

Director of Engineering