Enterprise Transformation Requires Transformation of Capital Structures

Industrial revolutions are triggered by the introduction of new tools.  Companies that learn how to exploit these tools with a comprehensive capital structure strategy win.  Those who do it first dominate.  Companies that are engaged in “transformation” efforts must be focused on transforming the totality of their capital structures – not just their capital equipment…

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Asset Management 5.0: Designed for Speed & Competitiveness

Enterprise Asset Management TeamBlog

Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management (aEAM) is an award-winning software and services suite used by companies with complex, asset-intensive operations and demanding competitive requirements for better than incremental improvements to speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness. The same old solutions won’t work. This is where Scireo aEAM comes in oto help transform your business. The Results with Asset…

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Is Your Team Ready for Its Moneyball Moment?

New competitive requirements for speed and efficiency are driving companies to rethink the way they operate to avoid existential threats. In a moment of similar significance, the Oakland A’s baseball team needed a new, more competitive, and transformative strategy. The strategy they invented, dubbed “Moneyball”, succeeded wildly in outperforming traditional management approaches producing results 500%…

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Accelerate Time-to-Market with a “Chief” Mindset

People operating with a “chief” mindset are capable of seeing the world differently and more powerfully.  They can escape the cultural biases that get people stuck in habitual ways of thinking.  They act from first principles, not their gut.  Elon Musk claims that those operating in a “chief” mindset must understand the requirements of every…

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That One Bad Habit That Costs You Millions

Distrust leads to hoarding

Chances are if you’ve worked around product test for a while, you already know the one bad habit that sets test teams back the most. Hoarding!  Hoarding of equipment, labor, support services, and knowledge.  Equipment hoarding leads to: Ultra-low utilization of equipment, 10% to 20% instead of 60% plus Wasted Acquisition budgets, 25% to 50%…

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Cut Calibration Costs, Improve Quality with Asset Management Algorithms

Reduce Calibration Expense

We have spent the better part of the last 25 years continually perfecting state-of-the-art asset management software tools and practices. We’ve focused on the unique test equipment environment. We help companies increase asset utilization, reduce calibration expense and improve compliance. Asset management is where we spend all of our time thinking, inventing, and investing.  It…

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Reduce Time-to-Market by Anticipating Constraints

Enterprise Asset Management Blog

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) was widely popularized in Eli Goldratt’s best-selling book, “The Goal.” In our work in test, we’ve leveraged these principles to produce award-winning Enterprise Asset Management capabilities and results.  Our customer talks about the results they got from anticipating constraints and having strategies to overcome them in Digital Transformation:  Asset Management…

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Increase Equipment Utilization, Dramatically Increase Speed

Increase Equipment Utilization:  Test Operations are High-Leverage Targets Test’s ubiquitous presence in mission-critical engineering, manufacturing, and MRO processes makes it uniquely high-leverage as a focus for cost containment and process acceleration. It was hands down why one customer-selected test equipment operations as the place to focus.  Focus in this area is why another customer delivered…

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Drive Test Equipment Utilization to Enable Investments

Driving test equipment utilization is critical to meeting today’s competitive challenges.  Freeing up capacity for innovation and growth has never been more important. Companies are being asked to bring products to market in half the time and reduce their cost of operations up to 50% to succeed against aggressive global competitors. In hi-tech manufacturing businesses,…

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