Working Together, Better by
Collapsing Silos and Creating Team Transparency to
Plan, Execute, Analyze and Optimize the Test Process

Scireo® CoordinateTRM™

CoordinateTRM™ is focused on accelerating your company's test process/value stream enabling your teams to coordinate resources to accelerate development tests, qualification tests, or production tests eliminating unnecessary costs and increasing velocity.

It is used by project managers, resource managers, equipment users, continuous improvement/quality managers, and executives to plan, execute, analyze, continuously improve, and report performance in critical engineering and manufacturing value streams.

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See how Scireo Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management software drops asset and support costs by 50% while accelerating time-to-market 2X

Users of CoordinateTRM™ use this module as a stand-alone or to amplify the capabilities of other Scireo modules, increasing the quality and consistency of schedule data across the platform and reducing the cost and time required to complete test or service events.  The benefits of our easy Integration-Out-Of-The-Box with key modules are described below.

Software: Access TRM Asset Optimizer
Scireo's asset optimizer, when connected with CoordinateTRM Work & Value Stream Accelerator, enables you to coordinate sub-requests of support groups and the equipment/resources your project will require to ensure existing or emerging constraints have appropriate contingencies.

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Software: ServiceTRM
Scireo's CMMS, when connected with CoordinateTRM, enables you to easily plan and execute maintenance events around planned test or production schedules.

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Software: Scireo® ResourceTRM
Scireo's Asset Management System (EAM), when connected with CoordinateTRM, notifies you if assets you plan to use will go out of calibration during their planned use.

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Notable Features

Management Console

Bring visibility to all key test activities and associated resources enabling proactive attention to actions required by support groups, from maintenance to conformity.


Smart Milestone Tracker

Drill into any Smart Milestone on your Management Console, view and dig into the details and drive action to get back on track.

Capacity Consoles

Using Scireo capacity consoles to be able to assess, plan and optimize capacity required to fulfill your various projects.  Drill down to get request level details where required.  Use this not only for managing equipment capacity but managing labor as well.


eLab Log

An online virtual log to centrally manage information about tests typically tracked in manual workbooks, spreadsheets or repositories not associated with the test event or easily available to engineers and analysts globally.  It includes procedures, test results, UUT info, asset lists, calibration statuses, and serial numbers with report creation at the click of a button.

Other Capabilities:

  • Visual Lab Console
  • Asset Pedigree Data
  • Resource Action Grid
  • Calibration Planning
  • Utilization Algorithms
  • Notification Engine
  • Equipment Request Workflows
  • Work order management
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Project Management, API
  • Smart Milestone Tracking
  • Smart Performance Gauges
50% Cost Savings

Enabled Through Consolidation of Test Capabilities & Increased Utilization

60%+ Readiness Improvement

Enabled by Visibility of Resources Associated to various event types

15% Labor Savings

Enabled through process automation

"If users want to know exactly what assets were used on the test, their calibration/maintenance status, who performed the test, on what units, for which programs and what the results were the eLab Log integration with other modules makes this query simple - reducing the time from test completion to report generation by 50 percent."

- Industry Analyst

"Sente’s proprietary Test Resource Management™ solution delivers an integrated and holistic approach for test resource management with unique capabilities that allow large organizations in the aerospace and defense, semiconductors, and life sciences industries to manage and streamline the complexity of their test operations and to be more effective, competitive, and strategic."

- Industry Analyst

“This program was one of the first engineering initiatives focused on the output of the entire system’s architecture, which led to the shift of our laboratory and test equipment culture from a stovepipe mentality to an integrated team across the organization,”

- Director of Engineering Labs

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See how Scireo Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management software drops asset and support costs by 50% while accelerating time-to-market 2X


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