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Improve team coordination, collaboration, engagement, and speed.


Schedule Coordination

Our Schedule Coordination Solution is for organizations looking to improve team coordination, collaboration, engagement, and speed.

Clients who start with this solution may later expand into our Efficiency and Integration Solutions to achieve the greatest level of success and organizational transformation.

Why Coordination Fails

Many organizations share their costly and complex test equipment across multiple projects and programs. In these environments, fast changing situations often result in unanticipated and cascading resource conflicts, costs, and frustrations. Project managers hoard equipment by “padding” schedules excessively and resulting in additional cascading changes to other schedules their associated resources. This results in a highly reactive operation with moods of distrust and finger pointing when the inevitable delays happen.

How We Help

Clarity on intentions required for building trust and eliminating hoarding

Software tools that provide visibility to schedule, constraints, and contingencies

Fact-based schedule analytics

Coordination practices that build trust and lead to speed

People trained in the practices

Coaching on management and governance

Transformative Results

25-50% improved speed

Hoarding eliminated

Elevated employee engagement & satisfaction


Testimonial Highlight

The trust we’ve built across the organization makes it a much better place to work than five years ago. No more blaming, everyone’s after the truth. I’m excited about the future.”

— Test Project Manager

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