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Transform your organizational structures with revolutionary outcomes.


Integrated Transformation

Our Integrated Transformation Solution is for organizations looking for optimal transformation in their people, processes, tools and financials, helping people succeed in complex environments and delivering revolutionary outcomes.

Why Today’s Integration Often Fails

Today’s new digital tools have been used by digital natives to produce transformative outcomes getting innovative new products to market faster than others think possible. Without new practices to exploit the new tools, the old practices produce only incremental improvement. Putting pressure on teams for speed can work for short periods of time, but is unsustainable and always ends up with frustration and exhaustion.

Most experts count culture as the biggest barrier to digital transformation. Further compounding this is that models for speed have changed and what is required to produce it has changed.

How We Help

Introduction to Sente’s speed algorithm

Integration of efficiency and schedule solutions for software and practices

Intention-based practices for workflow, asset availability and active learning

Analytics to measure adoption, engagement, and performance

“Cross the Chasm” implementation strategies

Multi-level training and coaching for workers and management

Progress measured with proprietary maturity model

Transformative Results

35% to 75% improvements to speed

Planned equipment availability

Employees engaged, collaborating, & satisfied

Up to 50% reduced costs


Testimonial Highlight

It was really satisfying to see how smoothly the test was executed due to the quick availability of data, and lessons learned from historical tests. Our duration was 55% shorter than historical performance as a result!”

— Test Project Manager

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