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Paul McNamara

Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management (aEAM) is an award-winning software and services suite used by companies with complex, asset-intensive operations and demanding competitive requirements for better than incremental improvements to speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness. The same old solutions won’t work. This is where Scireo aEAM comes in oto help transform your business.

The Results with Asset Management 5.0

  • Reduced Capital and Operating Expenses by 50%

  • Reduced cycle time by 35%, decreasing time to market

  • Freed up facility space requirements by cutting the total number of assets by 50%

  • Enabled the company to fund projects that helped them grow revenues by 2X

To dig into the details linked here is a 35-minute video presentation given at the 38th Annual Symposium of the International Test and Evaluation Association on their Digital Transformation Track.  Its title is Digital Transformation: Asset Management 5.0.  In the video, our customer talks about their challenges at 12:13 and the results at 27.48. The rest of the video describes the approach, metrics, narratives, practices, and strategy.

The Operating Environment

Assets requiring better than typical management are those that support critical enterprise processes in engineering and manufacturing.  There is typically a multitude of different categories of assets in use, e.g. small/portable, large/fixed, electrical, mechanical, owned, leased, or customer furnished. While the assets are almost always used together, they are typically managed with an ad hoc proliferation of separate spreadsheets, and/or software. Speed is constrained by the complexity of the assets being managed and the array of different methods, spreadsheets, “one-off” software tools, or rigid and time-consuming “systems of record” used for managing them.   Frustration with the costs and delays that results from these approaches ultimately leads to hoarding of assets, schedules, information, and time which in turn leads to low utilization and a vicious cycle of increased cost and schedule delays.

Scireo Software Capabilities

The Scireo aEAM software includes a core set of capabilities/modules accompanied by performance accelerators.

The core capabilities include:

  • Enterprise Asset Management is comprised of both a robust asset or property management capability, ResourceTRM, and a maintenance capability, ServiceTRM, for both proactive and reactive, break/fix management.

  • Project Planning, Scheduling, and Execution management software required to support continuous improvement and acceleration, CoordinateTRM.

  • Asset Use, Capacity, and Risk Management required to support acceleration, AccessTRM.

Scireo’s unique capabilities reduce time-to-market and improve profitability when it enables you to:

  • CONNECT teams and their assets with integrated workflows that create a “whole system” asset management approach, integrating typically stand-alone modules and eliminating the frustration and cost of multiple difficult-to-use systems.

  • POWER team members by embedding contextual data allow faster, better, and more trustworthy decisions.  Scireo provides data on asset capability and market knowledge along with the contextual knowledge of constraints and opportunities to respond quickly and effectively to emerging threats.

  • ACCELERATE teams by leveraging Scireo algorithms to reduce the friction or drag on your teams caused by costly and destructive team behaviors.

What it all Means

Users spend more time focusing on their value-added function of inventing new products and services rather than being bogged down in endless complexity, costs, and time delays. Project managers, users, and asset managers can quickly get the assets or information they need. As trust in the system and across groups begins to build Truth-telling starts, hoarding ends and teams are suddenly Working Together, Better. Improvements to cost and speed begin to accelerate. Competitive advantages are produced and new opportunities are produced for everyone who was part of the process.

The Results are Hard to Believe, By Definition…

They are hard to believe precisely because the capabilities that differentiate aEAM have their roots outside the asset management discourse.  We are the only enterprise asset management company with a significant focus on human behavior because, as it turns out, people drive results. People are also every company’s most scarce and important resource. Attention to both the assets and the people who use them in an integrated process is critical to speed.

I recently watched the movie “Moneyball”, the true story of how the Oakland A’s set a major league record for consecutive wins, tied for most wins in the league, and did it all spending 80% less than their competition.  There are lessons to be learned from their journey that I write about in our blog post, “Is Your Team Ready for Its Moneyball Moment?”

We are often greeted by people questioning the ability to produce the measurable results we claim in spite of the industry awards received for “value”, participation in “best practice hall of fame” and other panels, as well as numerous customer recognitions. It isn’t the capability we have in common with other marketplace capabilities that makes the difference. Our differentiators are the software accelerators and strategic services highlighted above.

Superior Results Mean Career Success

Work becomes less frustrating and more rewarding. Scarce technical talent no longer wastes time on administrative tasks and instead focuses on value-added activities. Work becomes fun again as success builds on success opening the space of possibilities for career advancement. Frustration resolves into passion and enthusiasm. Life is good again.

We adopted the tag line, “Working Together, Better” because that’s what we aspire for our customers. When we help our customers achieve it, it is one of the most deeply meaningful outcomes we can produce at Sente.

Our Services Capabilities Enable Your Success in Asset Management 5.0

Our services work “hand in glove” with the aEAM software to deliver the competitive outcomes you intend. Our tactical, strategic, and On-Demand services are tailored and organized consistent with your requirements.

Tactical Services include tailoring of processes and financial models consistent with the outcomes you intend and how you would like to measure them. Also included are implementation services including onboarding, configuration, and training in the use of the software or tuning already installed sites.

Strategic Services include current state analysis and strategic planning of outcomes intended, the supporting strategy, and capabilities, e.g. roles or tools, required. The strategic plan may require transformation acceleration services which include communications, management, governance, and S.E.A.L. training consistent with your company’s core values. Ongoing capability maturity monitoring is also available.

On-Demand Services provide the infrastructure and technical support required to operate aEAM software. Our on-demand services are hosted in AWS Gov Cloud providing state-of-the-art capabilities. Our support team is available to answer questions and escalate any performance issues for a quick resolution.

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See how Scireo aEAM Software drops asset and support costs by 50% while accelerating time-to-market 2X.

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Notable Quotes

“Sente’s Scireo® solution sets a new benchmark in customer experience by increasing collaboration and communications among all participants of a test program. They drive cycle time and cost efficiencies, optimizing asset utilization and technical labor productivity, and applying best practices in knowledge management to increase speed and drive standardization of test resources.”

Frost & Sullivan Analyst