Virtualizing aEAM Feasibility, Planning & Install: Faster, Lower Cost, Accelerated Results

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Paul McNamara

aEAM (Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management) achieves 2X to 4X improvements to asset utilization, throughput, and speed compared with typical asset management solutions.  You can now launch twice as fast getting results in 30 to 60 days!  Great projects have great potential and get key constituents on board to drive the change with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Plans are focused on superior outcomes. Complete. Coherent. No fantasies.  Risk is managed.  Without this solid foundation, which we develop in a virtualized environment with your team, asset management can’t be the strong and stable support structure needed to accelerate time-to-market, cost savings and synergies in your asset-intensive operations.  With this foundation, execution is disciplined and outcomes are measured and superior.

Asset Management as GameChanger

Game changers don’t often come from support organizations, but we’d like to suggest your asset management team and their customers should be on an award podium next year. In the past, our customers’ employees have won for “largest business impact” across a $15B Aerospace company; the second-best project that year for the same company delivered only 25% of ours.  Another team won an enterprise best practice award in a $10B enterprise for “value produced;”  they were written up in a prestigious industry journal. Another group doubled utilization of their assets and was sent on a weeklong award trip including a Disney Cruise.

The Key to Success: 1 + 1 = 3

The Sente Way (TSW) implementation methodology plus our Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management software equals accelerated and game-changing results.  TSW is designed to deeply understand the current state of your asset-intensive operations including the goals, objectives, motivations, and habits of the asset management team, their customers, managers, and company executives. Mis-steps when installing in a human/social environment can cause resistance, delays, and excessive costs. We avoid these costs and risks.

Getting 1+ 1 to equal 3 (or 10)

The Sente Way methodology layers software capability and practices in a logical progression that builds buy-in, results, and momentum for change through its various stages. It leverages a unique set of metrics included in our software suite along with other proprietary tools and templates to anticipate and identify barriers-to-outcomes then coordinate and communicate the appropriate response to keep the team on track. In our years of perfecting TSW across many different companies, we’ve seen and can anticipate most issues. We have experienced professionals ready to help with any unique challenges that arise.

The Sente Way: Phases

TSW proceeds in stages with each stage building toward the next. Each phase can be a stand-alone project delivering its own valuable results or can be used to accelerate into the next phase and next standards of performance. The phases are designed to decrease the cost of implementation and lower the cost.

Setting the Foundation

The foundation you build depends on the outcomes you want to produce and in what horizon of time.  There are several different types of outcomes depending on your urgency.

  • Fixing asset compliance issues
  • Knowing “what you have”
  • Supporting Reorganization, M&A, or Tuning of Asset Management Strategy
    • Detailed Capabilities
    • Asset Utilization
    • Obsolescence Risks

Generally, the first part of setting the foundation is an asset audit that can be performed by the asset owner or by Sente using proprietary Sente software tools. If compliance is all that is desired then the implementation moves directly to implementing the control phase, which will already be partially implemented.

The foundation for both cost reduction (Accountability Phase) and speed (Integration Phase) involves different workshop content including online capability surveys that are used with your team participating in the virtual workshop to specify intended outcomes, gaps, and financial and operational business cases.

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See how Scireo aEAM Software drops asset and support costs by 50% while accelerating time-to-market 2X.

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Notable Quotes

“We wanted to understand Sente’s Total Cost of Ownership model – which was very detailed – and make sure the cost savings were real.  Our own analysis confirmed Sente would save us money.  But at the end of the day, we moved forward because of the increased capacity the solution would provide to our engineering organization.” 

Director of Finance