Scireo aEAM

Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management


A fresh new approach to Enterprise Asset Management built to enable your enterprise to compete.  It takes what are often stand-alone systems, designed for individual, stove-piped departments, and integrates them into a powerful expert system that accelerates teamwork, collaboration, innovation, and speed-to-market.

Enterprise Asset Management Core Capabilities


Asset & Property Management

  • Scireo's asset data repository for storing critical asset information
  • Includes workflows for tracking, check-in/check-out, reservations, and physical inventories

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

  • Scireo's integrated CMMS software includes capabilities for planned and unplanned maintenance events
  • Includes workflows for auto-scheduling, managing teams and tracking downtime, MTBF and RTS

Enterprise Asset Management Accelerators


Asset Return Accelerator                                                               

  • Scireo's unique knowledge and workflow utility for accelerating the effective use of your assets and budgets
  • Includes searchable equipment characteristics, availability, equipment utilization, and optimization algorithms

Work Accelerator

  • Scireo's ultimate enabler for team coordination, collaboration, and planning
  • Includes visual management consoles to coordinate resources, assets, and services for high-velocity decision making

Features That Aid Quick Decision Making

Enables Users & Support Functions to Make Decisions Quickly and Act Effectively


A capability to enable quick analysis and decision making by users and support function.  Organizes data graphically for analysis, providing “drill down” capability into specific segments of data and finally triggering workflows that drive action and improvement.


A capability for tracking the financial costs and benefits of the applications installed enabling automated measurement of ROI using agreed upon algorithms.

“Sente’s Scireo® solution sets a new benchmark in customer experience by increasing collaboration and communications among all participants of a test program. They drive  cycle time and cost efficiencies, optimizing asset utilization and technical labor productivity, and
applying best practices in knowledge management to increase speed and drive standardization of test resources.”

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