AccessTRM™ -- Asset Utilization Accelerator

Working Together, Better
by making the lowest total-cost/best technology highly available to users when they need it

Scireo® AccessTRM

Accelerating Utilization and Reducing Obsolescence Risk

Asset Utilization Accelerator is used by department managers and staff to lower the total cost and risk of their equipment infrastructure, freeing up resources to invest in other pursuits, and eliminating common barriers to speed and innovation.

Increases to asset utilization are enabled by proprietary utilization, capacity, and risk algorithms that ensure the inventory of equipment is appropriately sized and ready to fulfill the enterprise's mission.

When combined with CoordinateTRM Process Accelerator, as schedules change, real-time updates to capacity and potential constraints are made visible.

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See how Scireo Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management software drops asset and support costs by 50% while accelerating time-to-market 2X

Notable Features

Utilization Console

This console provides access to summary and asset level utilization detail.  Summary detail is used to assess trends relative to goals while drilling down to details enables specific actions to be triggered from the Action Grid for specific assets. e.g. update need dates, centralize, remove from recall.


Inventory Risk Console

The Inventory Risk Console enables managers and decision-makers to view specific segments of their equipment inventory to assess risk. The Life Cycle Distribution tab highlights a pie chart distribution from current to obsolete. The Utilization Distribution tab highlights areas of high utilization, obsolete or nearly-obsolete assets with low or no additional quantity in the inventory.  Using the Characteristic Distribution view, opportunities for risk reduction in the inventory can be found and exploited by leveraging pockets of underutilized and technically current capacity (e.g. a spectrum analyzer operating in a specific frequency range).

Equipment Search, Compare, & Request

So much time is wasted in companies searching for and finding equipment that meets exacting test requirements. With Scireo it is easy to search, assess availability, compare and request capabilities available from the department across the hall to all other locations in your enterprise where the right piece of equipment is available for your use.


Capacity Console

Using Scireo capacity consoles, when enabled by CoordinateTRM, be able to assess, plan and optimize capacity required to fulfill your various projects.  Drill down to get request level details where required.  Use this not only for managing equipment capacity but managing labor as well.

Other Capabilities:

  • Asset Pedigree Data
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Configuration/Parent-Child
  • Asset Accountability Consoles
  • Waste Reduction Console
  • Custodian Assignment
  • Resource Action Grid
  • Calibration Management
  • Service Scheduling
  • Inventory Controls
  • Barcoding / RFID
  • Multiple Barcode/ID Tracking
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • Asset Catalog
  • Asset/Model Search
  • Substitution Search
  • Technical Capability Search
  • Equipment Availability Search
  • Open Field Search and Compare
  • Full Lifecycle Asset Management
  • Equipment Options
  • Utilization Algorithms
  • Utilization Console
  • Notification Engine
  • Equipment Request Workflows
  • Obsolescence Analysis
  • Acquisition Workflow
  • Disposition Workflow
  • Equipment Demand Planning
  • Budget Management
  • Financial Benefits Console
50% - 75% Cost Savings

Visibility and trust leads to sharing and real avoidance

4X Utilization Improvements

From a low of 10 to 15% to between 50 and 60% in engineering environments

Time Savings

Reduced time finding the right equipment

25% Speed Improvement

Better coordination of test resources

“Sente’s solution saved me 6 weeks during a 6 month project.  This delighted our customer, saved us money and enabled me to focus my key technical talent on another new project 6 weeks earlier than planned.”

- Director of Engineering

“The hoarding mentality is being replaced by ‘Use TRM.  Especially since now it only takes about 15 minutes to make an equipment request, compared to several hours or more looking for something yourself under the old system.”

- Lead Technician

“The direct savings are great.  However, the biggest reason we hired Sente was how their services enable productivity and increase ongoing efficiency in our organization.”

- Division Controller

"The program helped company leaders exceed their capital avoidance goal by more than 100 percent, and top their operating expense savings and cash-flow targets by more than 300 percent."

- Director of Finance

"What I like about TRM is how it has turned my engineers into businesspeople. They think in terms of investment and return now."

- VP of Engineering

"While competing companies provide test asset management solutions that offer simple inventory tracking capabilities to customers, Sente focuses on providing a variety of integrated solutions that bring efficiency and effectiveness to test operations and that enable improved alignment with the supply base. Sente’s TRM tools have improved utilization rates of test assets (with cases using Scireo exceeding 50%), reduced downtime caused by unnecessary equipment requests—in some cases customers have pared down from 16 weeks to less than 1 day—and enhanced program schedules."

- Industry Analyst

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See how Scireo Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management software drops asset and support costs by 50% while accelerating time-to-market 2X


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