Adaptability = Speed = Profitability

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James McNamara

The rate of change in business has been accelerating for some time. There is quite a bit of talk in the business press about how quickly situations change in our current market environment. Technology is often seen as an enabler for moving and adjusting to the rapidly changing situations we are faced with during any given day.

Sometimes, you can see the changes coming – things like shifting demographics, new technology developments, leading economic indicators, changes in competitive offers, and changes in our political situation.

Other times, the changes surprise us. Most notably, things like the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the situational changes we do see coming. It is in these situations, that you need to use your knowledge of the specific situation you find yourself in and the technology/tools at hand to adapt quickly.

Industry 4.0

With everything changing rapidly, the responsibility for being ready to adapt or drive the changes that are produced in the marketplace falls on each of us – in every role and every position at every company. The pace of change is too fast to rely on the old top-down directives.

Industry 4.0 requires that everyone have the ability to take the actions necessary to answer the needs of our companies – now. Not in 30/60/90 days, but today. If you need to change a process to be competitive, you need to be able to make that change. If you don’t have the data required to understand your situation, you need to quickly get that data. If you have the data, you need to share it with the right people to enable the changes that will sustain or produce your competitive advantage.

Producing competitive advantages requires that you have competitive capabilities. If you only have what everyone else has – you won’t be competitive.

Flex into the changes you see coming

Even as fast as today’s marketplace is moving, planning is still a required discipline – it just moves much faster than before. If you are paying attention, you can see changes happening in the marketplace that enable you to prepare your organizations for that change. The faster you can accomplish this, the more competitive you will be. At The Sente Group, we call this capability “flexing into the change”.

This means that you and your systems are pliable enough to rapidly shift into the situation coming without breaking or requiring major new configurations or development efforts. This ability to blend with the coming environmental changes while your competition waits for large reconfigurations or new development creates your opening to increase your competitive position in your market.

Flex with the changes you couldn’t see coming

And, let’s be real, no one is capable of predicting everything. So, having the capability to adapt rapidly is a critical skill that all organizations need to master if they are to stay competitive. That’s what we call “flexing with the change”. Much like a tall building swaying the hurricane winds, your systems and the teams that use them need to be able to weather the storm and maintain forward progress toward your business mission.

Master your environment and drive change in your market

At The Sente Group, we believe that accelerating your ability to flex into and with changing situations should be the cornerstone of any enterprise system. That is why we work with your teams during our implementation process to map your critical processes into our solution – rapidly. We modify our workflows to enable you to capture the data you need to drive your decisions. And, as those situations drive new requirements – you can flex with those requirements, not break under their pressure.

Using our Flexible Reporting Suite, you are able to capture the data you need, share it with the right people, and make the operational changes necessary to ensure your success.

Adaptability = Speed = Profitability

That is what Accelerated EAM is all about. A competitive capability that you can use to produce a competitive advantage.


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