Tactical Services

Virtual or Onsite Workshops

Sente's workshops are designed to produce an outcome that will enable teams to get started down the path of increasing their  competitiveness. They provide contexts for the need to change and plans to get started. The workshops include:

  • Agreement on specific purposes for the workshop
  • Instructions for preparation for the workshop, mostly including data gathering and preparation
  • Virtual or On-site workshop facilitation and action plan generation
  • Workshop Follow up

Blueprints & Blueprints-for-Action

Detailed plans of action for how to move from your current state to a new, more productive and competitive state. The Blueprint sequences through stages that
overlap with the engagement complete in from one to three months depending on scope. This service can be combined with the following Integration & Tailoring as well as Implementation Services. When this option is selected, the service is named a "Blueprint-for-Action". This option accelerates results and is the best option when customers are clear they want to move forward quickly.

  • Part One includes a detailed assessment of the current state of a company's technology, practices, performance, and culture using Sente's proprietary TRM maturity model.
  • Part Two includes defining future and interim goals and the necessary processes, tools, roles, and structures sequenced over time to produce them
  • Part Three includes an implementation strategy that sequences components of the solution at a rate commensurate with the current company situation
  • Part Four details a financial Pro-forma showing growth of financial results aligned with the speed of sequencing of components

Integration & Tailoring

During this engagement, we tailor the processes that will be used to fulfill the solution's outcomes to fit your business. This capability can be integrated into the blueprint, enabling the production of results more quickly if the customer desires. The integration and tailoring process includes several parts.

  • Establishments of process teams and identification of all workflow, data and system interfaces
  • Prioritization of work to ensure the highest leverage, lowest risk processes are available to be installed quickly to produce the first interim operational and financial outcomes required in the plan. First operational or financial results are often achievable in less than three months from the start of engagement with Sente.
  • Detailed tailoring & production of process maps and integration strategies using existing
    Sente templates for speed
  • Review and release for installation

Implementation & Training

During this engagement, our proprietary “The Sente Way” (TSW) strategy is used to sequence tactics and break down barriers so that expected interim and ultimate outcomes are
made possible. The TSG capability can also be integrated with the Integration & Training and Blueprint services. When this happens the resulting offer is called a "Blueprint-for-Action". During Implementation and training, there are several focus areas.

  • Establishment of detailed implementation plans aligned with strategy and using Sente's proprietary maturity models
  • Configuration of systems consistent with user roles, processes and outcomes
  • Training on-site and virtually are available depending on the content to be delivered
  • Documentation is easily available from Sentebase web interfaces
  • Sente also provides managed service options

Financial Benefits Integration

During this engagement, we integrate elements of the financial Pro-forma produced earlier to that operational transactions in the system drive income statement and balance sheet outcomes in Scireo's financial analytics enable organizations to easily track performance and ROI of the solution. This engagement includes the following components.

  • Establishment of certain financial assumptions like labor rates, calibration costs, depreciation schedules, etc.
  • Agreement on algorithms for calculating benefits using assumptions combined with the system transactions
  • Configuring FinanceTRM to produce the required financials

"The ROI (200%+) we produced with The Sente Group led to our team being recognized by the company with an enterprise-level best practice award. Over time the program went on to produce a 4X improvement to utilization and continued ongoing capital and expense savings."

- Director of Programs

"During every stage of engagement with a customer, we can't forget our purpose is to help them
produce significant and very specific outcomes that allow them to succeed. This mindset produces a
very different orientation than what is common. We aren't just after teaching someone how to click
around our applications, where after helping them to succeed."

Founder & CEO, The Sente Group, Inc.

“We wanted to understand Sente’s Total Cost of Ownership model – which was very detailed – and
make sure the cost savings were real. Our own analysis confirmed that TRM would save us money.
But at the end of the day, we moved forward because of the increased capacity the solution would
provide to our engineering organization.”

Director of Finance