Strategic Services

S.E.A.L. Training

Study. Engage. Act. & produce improved team outcomes. In the end, everyone knows that the performance of any business or function depends on employees who can act effectively and at a level surpassing competitive standards. They must continue to learn new skills that help them perform better in teams and produce more valuable results as a consequence.
When changing a culture or producing some other large-scale change organizations need help from
key individuals, often called "change agents"

  • They will STUDY from books or lecture content to learn new distinctions that they can use to
    observe their or other's situation more effectively. They will learn about famous
    transformation efforts and what makes them successful
  • They will ENGAGE with fellow S.E.A.L. colleagues in the classroom and in their job to learn
    the distinctions in action
  • They will ACT with new practices made possible from their learning and make grounded
    assessments of their effectiveness
  • They with LEARN from their efforts and focus that learning on improving performance.

This S.E.A.L. training, offer in lecture, workshop and project form, gets your special operators ready for the challenges ahead.


Cultural Transformation & Communications

Almost without exception the thing most people blame for a project not delivering as promised is "communications". We also know from experience that poorly crafted communication leaves people confused and frustrated or launches them into action
that won't be effective because they don't really understand, they just think they do. Without narratives that are whole and complete, aimed at the key stakeholders for your project, crafted for their specific background and delivered effectively and strategically ...over and over and over again...real change is not possible. This process includes several key components.

  • Baselining or understanding key stakeholders, current practices, behaviors, performance
  • Learning important company background narratives like the mission, core values, strategy and objectives
  • Craft narratives that mobilize key stakeholders in action by being aimed at things they care about
  • Establish structures for measuring performance so that narratives can be continually improved and aligned

Maturity Services

Today's rapidly changing competitive standards mean that your teams will need constant attention to improved performance. Our experts engage with your practitioners to help them get to the next level of performance, remaining consistent with The Sente Way strategy and aimed at your company's goals and objectives. Tune-ups are generally focused on practitioners and include several components.

  • Gap & Opportunity Identification: Interviews with process stakeholders to understand the current state. This can sometimes be accompanied by a detailed TRM maturity-level assessment where TRM performance data is analyzed to identify gaps and opportunities.
  • Tune-up training plan
  • Execution of training

Governance Support

Most "process improvements" miss the need for effective governance and management practices. This is especially critical the larger the initiative. Governance is the specification of what is required, forbidden and allowed for program success and how this will be constituted, modified and reinforced. Executives know this is important in their organization and have things like core values, higher-level enterprise outcomes and reporting structures specified and communicated. With our background in successfully governing and helping our customers govern Test Resource Management processes, we offer support and guidance in the following ways.

  • Establishing effective operational and tactical outcomes that will lead to promised financial
  • Establishing structures for reporting including meetings, templates, and instructions. To be
    integrated into existing meetings in most cases.
  • Design governance structures, like Quarterly Governance Boards, to include key executive
    and management stakeholders, for the continuous analysis of outcomes, specification of new
    outcomes, and elimination of barriers to change.
  • Participate in governance practices by helping to facilitate them until the company is acting

"Sente produced these accomplishments by designing and executing real cultural changes in
behavior across our test organization that was enabled by the software and associated practices that
they implemented together with our test engineering teams."


“ We’ve seen what Sente accomplishes with Accountability Practices and have extended the
philosophy into other areas. ” 

Director of Operations & Test