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Increase Equipment Utilization and Manage Assets for Speed

Today’s competitive landscape requires teams to increase equipment utilization.  The most asset-intensive and costly part of any manufacturing business is its test equipment operations. Test equipment is an essential and very costly component of the product development process in engineering and the order to cash processes in manufacturing and field support/MRO. These processes are complex…

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Accelerate Time-to-Market, Don’t Constrain It

Accelerate speed

Companies must accelerate time-to-market.  Most executives wonder how hard they can push their teams before the wheels come off.  When they do push they find weaknesses in their support departments. Support departments often slow processes down by the death of a thousand cuts. The cuts aren’t always visible but they always cost – time, energy,…

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Old Thinking Constrains Speed by Limiting Exploitation of Tools

Old Thinking Leads to Poor Results

“All wealth is the product of knowledge. Matter is conserved; progress consists of learning how to use it.”    George Gilder – Economist, Investor, Author. Performance gaps are always knowledge gaps. With new competitive requirements for better-than-incremental increases to speed, knowledge is the key. Superior knowledge made the difference so many times throughout history. Those…

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Scaling Solutions for Simple Problems to Complex Environments Fails

Controls don't work in complex environments

The mistake so many people make when installing solutions in their business is not to consider whether the environment is ordered versus complex. In ordered environments, cause and effect can be understood with varying levels of skill. If the environment is complex, the ordered or simple solutions that often seek to “control” will never scale…

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Enterprise Asset Management Accelerates Facility Transformation

Enterprise Asset Management to Transform Facilities

Covid-19 has accelerated transformation efforts across many industries. With the use of tools like Zoom and MS Teams making it possible to work effectively and satisfactorily from home, many enterprises are electing to redesign and consolidate their facilities. It is ironic that these moves, made possible by technology, may initially be thwarted by technology, particularly…

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Designing and Executing a Plan is a Team Sport

Plans are only as good as your ability to execute them. Equipment plans or budgets are more than lists of equipment, they help fulfill intentions in a larger plan to bring products to market faster and increase margins, profitability, and growth. When plans are not designed and executed with these intentions in mind they can’t…

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Anticipating Constraints with Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management Blog

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) was widely popularized in Eli Goldratt’s best selling book, “The Goal.” In our work in test, we’ve leveraged these principles to produce award-winning Enterprise Asset Management capabilities and results. 400% increases to asset utilization 25% to 75% reduction in operating capital requirements 25% to 50% improvements to process speed Increased…

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Agile Planning & Execution: How to Avoid Pileups in the Race to Market

One of the big keys to moving products to market with velocity is swift and effective decision making. It is the key to winning any race. In a rapidly changing competitive landscape, we must be agile and effective in our planning, decision-making, and execution processes. Our practices described below help our customers improve their competitive…

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Asset Management: Designed to Enable Speed & Competitiveness

Enterprise Asset Management TeamBlog

Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management (aEAM) is an award-winning software and services suite used by companies with complex, asset-intensive operations and demanding competitive requirements for better than incremental improvements to speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness. The same old solutions won’t work. This is where Scireo aEAM comes in! The Operating Environment The assets requiring management we write…

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