Emily's Asset Adventures, Episode 8

Maintenance: Pay Now or Pay Later!

...Gus knows if you don't get your equipment maintenance done you will pay the price!  Is your CMMS up to the task?

Speed Requires Better Coordination of Maintenance Activities

With demands on our teams for speed, it's not surprising team members are constantly faced with choices about how to spend their time. They get singularly focused on what's important to them and don't spend the time finding out what's important to their teammates. Taking the time to find people to coordinate with them is time-consuming without the right tools.  Scireo makes it easy.

Maintenance Capabilities Must Aid Communication!

Team members often feel others don't coordinate well. Last-minute requests result in rushed work, mistakes, additional conflicts, and cascading costs to resolve them all.  Scireo ServiceTRM CMMS enables teams to plan in advance to anticipate conflicts by displaying maintenance and test schedules together on the same interface. Metrics help aim investment and focus the team's freed-up time on projects with high returns.

See how Sente helps your teams Work Together, Better...

The Team Plans to Improve!

In our fifth episode, Emily and the team learn about the minefield of delays in asset-intensive environments.


Emily Avoids the Minefield!

In our sixth episode, the team learns how to anticipate hidden conflicts, delays, and costs typical in asset-intensive operations.


Teams Need Trustworthy Data!

In our seventh episode, Emily and the team learn about the importance of data accuracy for trustworthiness and speed.


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Customer-Focused Maintenance Teams!

Find out how teams using Scireo's Maintenance Improvement Algorithm accelerate results for their customers.


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Drive Availability of Your Assets & Make Money!

Assets are only assets when they are making you money. If they don’t make money for you, then they are just costs to your business.


Fortune 100: Global Aerospace Manufacturer

See how this maintenance team increased uptime with 85% improved responsiveness using Scireo ServiceTRM CMMS.


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