Emily's Asset Adventures, Episode 6

Working Together, Better & Faster

...by avoiding the minefield of hidden conflicts, delays, and costs typical in complex, asset-intensive operations!

Requires Understanding the Nature of Complex Situations…

Ones in which many interrelated components interact with one another in ways that aren't typically predictable at a detail level. Still, to move with speed and efficiency in today's competitive marketplace means we must cope with this unavoidably complex minefield to get products to market faster and at a lower cost.

...and Having the Capabilities to Act Effectively in Them

The tools must be able to help users anticipate the cascading effects of various changes and help them plan and execute contingencies.  Teams must operate differently and they'll need the tools to support these new ways rather than reinforcing old ways that don't work. Our capabilities do this.

See how Sente helps your teams Work Together, Better...

Hoarding Kills Profitability!

In episode three, Emily begins to understand the challenges engineers face and why they resort to hoarding & midnight acquisition.


Emily Assembles the Team

In episode four, they learned even though everyone did their job they didn't get the results. They chart a course to improvement!


The Team Plans to Improve!

In our fifth episode, Emily and the team learn about the minefield of delays in asset-intensive environments.


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Anticipating constraints to speed and cost competitiveness requires a more robust approach to planning and execution.


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Establishing a trustworthy network is critical to anticipating constraints and executing contingencies.


Fortune 100: Global Aerospace & Defense

See how Sente helped this customer leverage their asset base to achieve cost savings, resilience, and speed across many sites!


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