Emily's Asset Adventures, Episode 4

Emily Assembles the Team …

...to plot a course to improved speed and costs. Do you know your asset risks?  Scireo Knows!

Schedules Delayed, Budgets Busted…

Sometimes our best intentions don't produce the results we want.  Emily gets teammates from finance, program management, and engineering together to see what they can learn about how their well-intended actions produced delays, dramatically increased equipment costs, and contributed to the team's angst!

...Old Habits and Practices are Costly!

The team learns that together they unintentionally produce an environment where the bandit thrives taking equipment, causing delays, and negatively impacting profitability. Emily prepares herself to champion a new inventory planning and execution process that will eliminate delays and wasted time as it reduces test equipment spending well below historical norms.

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Emily Learns About Hoarding!

In our first episode, Emily can't find the equipment she needs when she needs it.  Click below to visit Emily's hoarding page.


Emily Meets the Bandit!

In our second episode, Emily discovers midnight acquisition and learns it unwittingly increases costs and delays.


Hoarding Kills Profitability!

In episode three, Emily begins to understand the challenges engineers face and why they resort to hoarding & midnight acquisition.


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Increase Speed by Leveraging Your Enterprise Test Assets!

Ending hoarding and leveraging your assets for speed requires embedded knowledge to enable effective planning and execution.


Fortune 50: Space & Communications

See how Sente ended hoarding and dropped millions of dollars on this company’s bottom line.


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