Emily's Asset Adventures, Episode 5

Emily and the Team Plan Improvements

...aimed at driving speed and competitiveness!

It's a Complicated Mess…

Many different projects are supported by work that flows through multiple departments. Constantly changing schedules mean Emily and the team will need to learn to anticipate demand in those functional groups and plan contingencies that keep project execution speeds up and costs down.

...Simplified by Integrated Tools

They will need visibility on how the demands from each project affect the resource and asset requirements in each department.  The team will need to be able to anticipate constraints and likely contingencies when they make the plan and, as importantly, manage them during execution staying focused on speed and ROI!

See how Sente helps...

Emily Learns About Hoarding!

In our first episode, Emily can't find the equipment she needs when she needs it.  Click below to visit Emily's hoarding page.


Emily Meets the Bandit!

In our second episode, Emily discovers midnight acquisition and learns it unwittingly increases costs and delays.


Hoarding Kills Profitability!

In episode three, Emily begins to understand the challenges engineers face and why they resort to hoarding & midnight acquisition.


Emily Talks to Everyone on the Team and Learns A Lot!

In episode four, they learned even though everyone did their job they didn't get the results. They chart a course to improvement!


Team Sport Blog
Designing and Executing a Plan is a Team Sport!

Anticipating constraints to speed and cost competitiveness requires a more robust approach to planning and execution.


Fortune 100: Global Aerospace & Defense

See how Sente helped this customer leverage their asset base to achieve cost savings, resilience, and speed across many sites!


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