Emily's Asset Adventures, Episode 7

Help Your Teams Win the Race

...By being able to quickly determine the availability of replacement assets accurately and without drama.

Poor Data Kills Speed

Asset databases are consistently inaccurate & incomplete.  Inaccurate data leads to wasted time at least 60% of the time.  Incomplete or missing data on things like utilization, demand, capability, options, obsolescence, market value, etc., is a huge lost opportunity causing additional wasted time, searching for, arguing about, and often buying the equipment you need.

POWER Your Teams with Superior Data

Having trustworthy data that is both complete and accurate is the key to having your teams win the race. Without trust in the system, people hoard equipment making it unavailable where and when it is really needed.  With Scireo, the data you need for rapid decision-making is embedded where you need it.  If you don't know if an asset is available, check Scireo because Scireo Knows.

See how Sente helps your teams Work Together, Better...

Emily Learns About Hoarding

In our first episode, Emily can't find the equipment she needs when she needs it.  Click below to visit Emily's hoarding page.


Emily Pays the Price!

In our second episode, Emily discovers midnight acquisition and learns how it increases costs and delays.


The Team Plans to Improve!

In our fifth episode, Emily and the team learn about the minefield of delays in asset-intensive environments.


Knowledge White Background Blog
Data is Essential for Focus and Speed!

Data gives you the knowledge you need to move fast and keep your costs low.  Learn how Scireo helps.


Network Blog
Accelerate with Trustworthy Networks of Capabilities!

When teammates trust, they share the truth about their situation and solve it together. Scireo helps your teams trust faster!


Fortune 100: Global Aerospace & Defense

See how Sente helped this customer leverage their asset base to achieve cost savings, resilience, and speed across many sites!


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