Introduction to Emily's Asset Adventures

Our Slightly Dysfunctional, ...

Not quite cross-functional, asset management team.  Like many of today's teams, they are frustrated trying to go fast with ineffective technology and old practices.

Dysfunction: Cross-Functional Teams without Appropriate Tools or Mindsets

Already complex operations are made more difficult by the clutter of single-purpose software tools that solidify silos and their mindsets. An asset management team will typically have its own tools to get its job done without concern or capability that can be used easily by other functions. This results in a clutter of emails, voice mails, people unnecessarily in your office, and other distractions preventing responsiveness to changing circumstances. This is a huge challenge for any asset management team.

Avoiding Dysfunction with a Cross-Functional Asset Management Team

Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."  Emily's team changes to fix their dysfunction with the help of Super Sente Girl.  They install software that helps break down barriers to speed and work on team practices and mindsets that have proven successful in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

See how Sente helps your teams Work Together, Better...

The Team Journey Begins!

In our first episode, Emily can't find the equipment she needs when she needs it.  Click below to visit Emily's hoarding page.


A New Approach

In episode four, they learned even though everyone did their job they didn't get the results. They chart a course to improvement!


Avoiding the Minefield!

In our sixth episode, the asset management team learns how to anticipate hidden conflicts, delays, and costs.


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