Ensure the effective use of each of the software tools for producing the tactical outcomes required to fulfill the enterprise's mission. This includes a firm understanding of how TRM practices are performed using the tools and how they impact operational, technical and financial outcomes/metrics important to the mission of the department or enterprise.


Ensure that the tools and practices installed are used in a way that continually opens up new opportunities for increasing speed, efficiency, competitiveness and value creation. They ensure that all actions stay aligned with the mission, priorities, and values of the businesses using our solutions and becoming a microcosm of the broader changes envisioned by executives.

Notable Quotes

"This program was one of the first engineering initiatives focused on the output of the entire system’s architecture, which led to the shift of our laboratory and test equipment culture from a stovepipe mentality to an integrated team across the organization."

Director of Engineering Labs

"What I like about TRM is how it has turned my engineers into businesspeople. They think in terms of investment and return now"

VP of Engineering

"Test Resource Management has been instrumental in changing the mindset of engineering to think in terms of sharing the test equipment, and treating the test environment as a business within a business"

Director of Engineering Labs

"The companies that offer asset management solutions say that cultural change must be driven by people and that tools are unimportant in the organizational change game. This is a common notion, but it is dead wrong. Tools amplify human performance, and they can amplify it in the change game as well"

Founder & CEO of Sente