Paul McNamara

Founder & CEO

Paul McNamara founded The Sente Group and invented its aEAM/TRM solution for asset-intensive operations.

He and the Sente team have been helping market leaders in Aerospace, Defense and Telecommunications dramatically improve business performance in their test environments. His work with Fortune 150 companies has helped those organizations achieve significant improvements in test-related cost and cycle time, while shifting unproductive cultural barriers along the way.

Prior to founding Sente, Paul was a vice president in GE Capital’s Technology Management Services (TMS) division. He was involved deeply in GE's "Change Acceleration Program" (CAP), participating on their New Product Introduction CAP Team. He led "Customer Productivity Programs" to help companies increase manufacturing capacity through new practices using design for Six Sigma. Later, he was one of the first to cross-appropriate lean manufacturing principles to engineering problems as well. Today, he brings the wealth of knowledge and experience developed during this time to his customers at Sente.

Paul has authored a host of whitepapers and blog posts on driving breakthrough business performance in the test and other asset-intensive environments.  He has been a featured speaker at numerous industry and professional association conferences. His leadership has helped three different enterprise-level, continuous improvement teams to receive corporate awards for achieving significant cost savings through the use of Test Resource Management. In addition, Sente was recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan with its “Customer Value Enhancement” Award in Aerospace & Defense for driving measurable improvements through its TRM solution.

He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Syracuse University and successfully completed advanced management studies at GE’s John F. Welch Leadership Development Institute. For more than 20 years he has studied leadership, innovation, business strategy, and strategic knowledge with The Aji Network.  He has also studied systems thinking and the behaviors of complex adaptive systems.