Working Together, Better by making data-driven decisions
to optimize your operation's revenue throughput

Keeping your factories running efficiently and delivering products on-time to customers has always been job one in manufacturing. In today's age of intensifying competition, the stakes are even greater.

Sente's Scireo solutions for manufacturing connect the digital thread through your enterprise's test operations, ensuring downtime issues are quickly communicated, escalated, responded to and resolved and that your current maintenance plans are optimized for cost and return.

Working Together, Better, Scireo solutions help you leverage the knowledge and tools your team needs access to 24 by 7.

Manufacturing Outcomes

30% Downtime Reduction

Data-driven decision and Leveraging your assets.

85% Response Time Improvement

Issue escalation and visible metrics drive ownership

15% Labor Reduction

Communication and Coordination Process Automation 

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Fact-based, collaborative conversations about performance

Notable Quotes

"My team's instantaneous awareness of problem reports with a structured way or recording root-cause and corrective actions allowed for a historical review of data, robust trend analysis and more better lessons learned reduces trouble tickets."

Factory Support Team Manager

"While competing companies provide test asset management solutions that offer simple inventory tracking capabilities to customers, Sente focuses on providing a variety of integrated solutions that bring efficiency and effectiveness to test operations and that enable improved alignment with the supply base. Sente’s TRM tools have improved utilization rates of test assets (with cases using Scireo exceeding 50%), reduced downtime caused by unnecessary equipment requests—in some cases customers have pared down from 16 weeks to less than 1 day—and enhanced program schedules.

Industry Analyst

Notable Features

Software for preventing downtime including scheduling of maintenance events in multiple time horizons, documenting maintenance methods, auto-scheduling events, managing service teams, and escalating downtime issues when they occur.

Equipment Performance Console

Ongoing analysis of equipment performance like Downtime, MTBF, and Return-to Service enables proactive shaping of the inventory and support services to increase uptime, reducing costly delays and investment in un-needed equipment.


Downtime Issues Console

Being able to analyze systemic issues in your environment and feed a closed-loop improvement process is essential to driving speed, cost reduction, and throughput improvements.


Increase utilization, reduce obsolescence risk
Capability for actively managing assets to optimize utilization, search equipment capability & availability, make requests for equipment, assessing equipment risk, plan capacity, and reduce total-cost-of-ownership.


Equipment Search

Finding the piece of equipment that will fulfill your needs quickly is essential to speed and eliminating just-in-case equipment and costs.


Risk Reduction Console

As risky assets are removed, reliability improves. Knowing historical and planned utilization, specific program use and obsolescence data enable teams to remove those ticking time-bombs from inventory reducing downtime and accelerating schedules.



Process Breakdown Console

Instrument the processes your assets are used in and capture process breakdowns in this powerful Console enabling focus on key issues slowing your processes down.

Enterprise Asset Management & Repository of test resources and knowledge available across the entire platform including in-depth equipment capabilities, obsolescence and market data.

Mobile Capabilities

Scireo's mobile platform includes mobile phone and tablet applications enabling users to take their data and workflows with them wherever they go.


Kiosk Capabilities

Kiosk options are provided for quick and easy access in locations where not everyone can be expected to have a cell phone or tablet. Access is made simple utilizing a company badge for quick access.


Action Grid

Customize your data grids for whatever workflow you are executing whether you are scheduling calibrations, scheduling preventive maintenance, analyzing test process breakdowns and corrective actions or simply accounting for assets you own.


It is important that all investments produce returns. Working with your team and leverage our FinanceTRM module we give you that real-time visibility.


Everyone knows that poor communication is a big part of why most projects fail to reach full potential. During a time of fast change poor communication also leads to distrust and lack of engagement. Our communication methodology targets specific roles with complete narratives and multiple sources of interaction ensuring all key constituents are engaged, adopting the practices and producing breakthrough results.

Case Studies

Case Study: Leading Defense Manufacturer Drives Asset Reduction

See how a Blueprint-for-Action baselined their situation and rapidly installed Scireo suite. It enabled a 50% reduction in obsolete equipment, provided equipment for their growing workforce and solved their compliance challenges.

CMMS Case Study: Aerospace Manufacturer Drives Availability & Uptime

This company’s factory support group was struggling to satisfy its customers without factual data. See how installing Scireo TRM software helped them improve response time 85%, reduced downtime 30% and satisfied those customers.