Working Together, Better

A Competitive Requirement in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Traditional ways of managing assets & resources are bureaucratic nightmares full of unforeseen conflicts, fighting and contention that slow processes and multiply hidden costs.  Is this your situation?  It doesn't have to be.

Disconnected enterprise asset management software (EAM), maintenance management software (CMMS), project management and knowledge management systems produce hidden costs of excess equipment and labor costs and put the breaks on your processes.

They reinforce silos, cause resources to be hoarded and knowledge buried.  They kill speed, innovation, and fun.

Companies can't win with stale, old practices and the disconnected tools and mindsets that tether team performance at levels that won't work.

This is why Sente takes a "Whole System" approach to transform the business of test.

Transforming the Business of Test

Transforming to a highly resilient, responsive and cost-competitive operation is necessary regardless of whether your test operations are in engineering, focused on development or qualification testing, or in manufacturing, focused on testing products before they go out the door.  The challenge is big, but we've been preparing to help for over 20 years.

We can help you accelerate results. We're ready!  Are you?

Working Together, Better means running your organization like a "Business within a Business"
  • Satisfying your internal & external customers
  • Beating competitive standards
  • Leveraging assets & knowledge across your organization
  • Freeing up time and resources to fuel growth
  • Being able to measure and quantify financial benefits of the program
  • Having fun and winning

Notable Quotes

“We knew that users of equipment can be the biggest roadblocks to driving change in test environments-even where management has formally endorsed a new program. They also don’t forget when past ‘initiatives of the month’ were forced on them, produced no returns, and ultimately went away.”

- Director of Engineering

“This program was one of the first engineering initiatives focused on the output of the entire system’s architecture, which led to the shift of our laboratory and test equipment culture from a stovepipe mentality to an integrated team across the organization.”

Director of Engineering

"Sente has demonstrated success with its blooming Test Resource Management™ solution based on a 1) unique software capability to optimize the cost of operations and manage the complexity of test operations and 2) their strategic implementation approach which produces vertical and horizontal integration and leads to a highly responsive test process."

Frost and Sullivan

Common Solutions Don't Compare to Scireo's Transformative Results

Your typical Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), ERP, Project Management System, Knowledge Management Tools or Schedule System will never produce these results.

30% to 75% Cost Savings

Through CAPEX and OPEX avoidance

30% Faster

Visibility to constraints reduced delays and freed up technical labor

4X Improved

Utilization improvements by breaking down silos, optimizing technology

3X Improved

Culture shift from 25% to 75% proactive

10x Improved

Collaborating / sharing across organization boundaries

Highlighted Products, Features, Services

Scireo software is built with the test organization in mind using features sometimes associated with tools used by other functions and not easily available to the test organization.  Scireo carefully integrates both common and unique capabilities to accelerate the test process across your enterprise including engineering, manufacturing, and repair & overhaul.

Lab Management Console

This integration associates workflows and data from four typically separate modules to analyze the effects of schedule changes on all classes of asset and resource readiness, equipment and program milestone risk. Workflow and data integrations help break barriers by increasing transparency and knowledge.

  • ResourceTRM (Enterprise Asset Management System / EAM): Knowledge of asset capability, location, history, financials, and obsolescence status
  • AccessTRM (Asset Optimization System): Improving asset utilization and availability. Managing request for assets, and analyzing equipment risk
  • ServiceTRM (Computerized Maintenance Management System / CMMS): Scheduling of maintenance actions and escalation of break-fix with contextual knowledge of schedule obligations
  • CoordinateTRM (MES or Program Management): Enables optimization of capacity, analysis of service requirement & equipment constraints with changing schedules

"Sente’s processes are holistically integrated into our processes so in addition to the cost-saving benefits that our financial controller likes, our engineering managers appreciated how much more focused and productive their technicians were."

- Director of Programs

“This program was one of the first engineering initiatives focused on the output of the entire system’s architecture, which led to the shift of our laboratory and test equipment culture from a stovepipe mentality to an integrated team across the organization,”

- Director of Engineering


Governance Practices

Governance Practices are used by executives to:
Specify important and measurable performance goals aligned with the mission of the enterprise — like cost or risk reduction, speed or throughput improvements, etc. – and loaded into Scireo

  • Stay updated on current performance through easy access reports, dashboards and consoles
  • Discuss and refine strategies to keep actions aligned with what is most valuable to the enterprise
  • Target communications and organizational support where it is required to optimize outcomes using Sente templates and training

"When Sente said they promised results, they really meant it. Not only did they implement their software, but they made sure we were producing the outcomes promised with it."

- Director of Engineering

"The ROI (200%+) we produced with The Sente Group led to our team being recognized by the company with an enterprise-level best practice award. Over time the program went on to produce a 4X improvement to utilization and continued ongoing capital and expense savings."

- Director of Programs

Accountability Practices

Accountability Practices are available in Scireo applications and used by managers to execute executive directives.

  • Establish goals and objectives for operational, technical and financial metrics
  • Highlight and expose areas of process non-compliance with real-time metrics - 70% of projects do not produce full potential because of a lack of engagement & adoption
  • Intervene and provide coaching and guidance to improve process integrity, user knowledge &  rates of adoption
  • Shift culture from reactive and ad hoc to proactive, planned and commitment-based producing a high-trust team environment

“ We’ve seen what Sente accomplishes with Accountability Practices and have extended the philosophy into other areas. ”

- Director of Operations & Test

"Sente produced these accomplishments by designing and executing real cultural changes in behavior across our test organization that was enabled by the software and associated practices they implemented with our test engineering teams."



  • A capability for tracking the financial benefits of the solutions installed using agreed-upon algorithms.
  • Algorithms are driven by user inputs (like labor rate, calibration cost, etc.) changes in operational metrics and other transactions tracked in the system
  • Reporting to managers and executives is made ease through automated reports and dashboards

"The program helped our leaders exceed their capital avoidance goal by more than 100 percent, and top their operating expense savings and cash-flow targets by more than 300 percent"

"During the first year of our work together, Sente produced a greater than 50% reduction in our capital spending, saving us millions of dollars and enabling us to invest in other projects."


Manufacturing Solutions

Keeping your factories running efficiently and delivering products on-time to customers has always been job one in manufacturing. In today's age of intensifying competition, the stakes are even greater.  See how our solutions help.

Engineering Solutions

Delivering new, high quality, and highly valued products to market fast and supporting production to maximize revenue is the essential job of engineering. In today's highly competitive environment see how our solutions help you succeed.

Finance & Quality Solutions

The ability to make resource investment decisions quickly & effectively then following up to ensure those investments are used and maintained so they produce the expected return is critical to success.  See how our solutions help.