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Adaptability = Speed = Profitability

The rate of change in business has been accelerating for some time. There is quite a bit of talk in the business press about how quickly situations change in our current market environment. Technology is often seen as an enabler for moving and adjusting to the rapidly changing situations we are faced with during any…

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Driving the Availability of your Production Environments

Assets are only assets when they are making you money. If they don’t make money for you, then they are just costs to your business. Every production environment is filled with equipment that’s purpose is to make your company money – they are all intended to be “Assets”. Yet, not all production environments are managed…

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Every Environment is Someone’s Production Environment

Any complete definition of “Production” must include work that supports the making of some thing or service. That inclusion opens up “production” to include everyone’s work – it really includes your company’s whole supply chain. Wherever work is done is some form of production environment. If that environment (e.g.: computer, truck, instrument, lab space, test…

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