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Our Enterprise Asset Management blog focuses on asset management philosophy as well as tactical and strategic knowledge about how EAM may be used to accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs...significantly.  We hope the content of our Enterprise Asset Management Blog is helpful to individuals and teams looking to compete in today's challenging environment.  We have been recognized by various customers and industry analysts for our results.  We share a bit about "how" in this blog.

Read to learn more about how to end hoarding of equipment in asset-intensive environments, increasing utilization by as must as 400%, reducing costs by 50% or more and increasing teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. There are posts about asset management teams, maintenance teams, engineering and manufacturing reams, software and practice design, enterprise and facility transformation, and much more.  

“Good Intentions” without Capability is a Costly Trap. An Asset Management Example.

By Paul McNamara | November 24, 2019

The Good Intentions Trap is Costly If achieving a big result looks too easy, it probably is and will probably be a costly venture.  It is a trap we are all vulnerable to when we don’t understand all of the underlying mechanics required to produce an outcome in a given set of circumstances. We are…

Are Your Teams Equipped For Speed? Accelerate With aEAM Algorithms.

By Paul McNamara | November 10, 2019

We are in a new age of competition that the World Economic Forum calls the 4th Industrial Revolution.  New tools and technologies are enabling people to fulfill new and more competitive intentions ramping competitive pressures on everyone to move with speed and efficiency or risk failure.  Incremental changes won’t work.  They simply won’t be enough…

Are Your Metrics Complete? Do They Trigger Effective Behaviors and Results?

By Paul McNamara | November 9, 2019

Asset Management Metrics are very important to success.  I won’t say the most important though, because a number without a narrative that gives it meaning, relevance, and value might as well not exist. It won’t produce any change in direction or focus. If you don’t have a purpose, by definition they aren’t complete They are…

Unlock Hidden M&A Synergies in Test Infrastructure

By Paul McNamara | November 3, 2019

Why are There Hidden M&A Synergies in Test Operations? Our customers often make the decision to focus on synergies in organizations heavily invested in test because of the capital intensity — both human and equipment —  in test organizations. The synergies come later than that have to though, as our algorithms could also help M&A…

Customer-Focused Maintenance Teams Accelerate Revenues & Time-to-Market.
Do Yours?

By Paul McNamara | November 2, 2019

Why are Maintenance Teams so Important? Because they are responsible for keeping plant and equipment up and running so that orders from customers can be quickly produced, shipped, billed and converted to cash.  Any breakdown in production inevitably leads to shipping delays, dissatisfied customers, slowed payments, reduced profitability, delays to cash and reductions in stock…

Are Your Support Organizations Operating With a “DMV/Department” Mindset?

By Paul McNamara | October 26, 2019

I use the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on purpose.  We all know what it feels like to go into those organizations and attempt to be treated like a customer.  In a recent move, I learned that not all DMVs are so terrible, but none of them are good.  Good people trying hard can make…

Software Aimed at Outcomes:
Designed for Practitioners, by Practitioners

By Paul McNamara | October 18, 2019

In the Beginning Our Enterprise Asset Management software has always been aimed at producing important outcomes for our customers because it was designed by our practitioners who were personally responsible for delivering those outcomes. Everyone in our company was focused on delivering results that far exceeded our costs so that our customers produced a significant…

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Active Asset Management: Transforming for the 4th Industrial Revolution

By Paul McNamara | October 18, 2019

What is Active Asset Management? It is an approach that actively analyzes, targets, and makes improvements to the speed and competitiveness of asset-intensive enterprise processes in engineering and manufacturing.  It is an approach that aligns the action and urgency of every team member with the ultimate objective of their customer: to win the race! The…

Accelerates Time-to-Market and Reduces Costs with Accountability Algorithms

By Paul McNamara | October 12, 2019

Computers have transformed almost everything around us.  One of the things they make possible is the acceleration of change, and therefore results, at scale.  We accomplish this with Accountability Algorithms build into the DNA of our solutions. Why Are We The Only Software Company that Puts so Much Emphasis on People Probably because we were…

Connects Cross Functional Teams Using a “Whole System” Approach

By Paul McNamara | October 12, 2019

Our Whole System Approach to managing performance in mission-critical, asset-intensive enterprise processes, e.g. test, is why we’ve been able to help our customers drive award-winning results, helping them win enterprise best practice awards. Our results have been uncommon and superior: 25% to 85% increases to speed and responsiveness 40% to 75% reduction in equipment costs…