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Our Enterprise Asset Management blog focuses on asset management philosophy as well as tactical and strategic knowledge about how EAM may be used to accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs...significantly.  We hope the content of our Enterprise Asset Management Blog is helpful to individuals and teams looking to compete in today's challenging environment.  We have been recognized by various customers and industry analysts for our results.  We share a bit about "how" in this blog.

Read to learn more about how to end hoarding of equipment in asset-intensive environments, increasing utilization by as must as 400%, reducing costs by 50% or more and increasing teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. There are posts about asset management teams, maintenance teams, engineering and manufacturing reams, software and practice design, enterprise and facility transformation, and much more.  

Covid 19: How Hard Can you Push Before the Wheels Come off?

By Paul McNamara | July 6, 2020

Winners push their limits by analyzing and producing a steady stream of high-value improvement opportunities and then quickly exploiting them to save money and time.  Push too hard without these opportunities and the wheels come off as you pass process limits, greatly reduced by Covid-19.  Don’t push hard enough and you lose to more capable…

Driving the Availability of your Production Environments

By James McNamara | June 30, 2020

Assets are only assets when they are making you money. If they don’t make money for you, then they are just costs to your business. Every production environment is filled with equipment that’s purpose is to make your company money – they are all intended to be “Assets”. Yet, not all production environments are managed…

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Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management: Accelerating Engagement, Speed, & Efficiency

By Paul McNamara | June 25, 2020

Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management (aEAM) is an asset management approach pioneered by Sente and focused on complex and costly, asset-intensive environments that support mission-critical enterprise processes. This includes engineering design and development, manufacturing, and service organizations like MRO or calibration.  In environments where costs can be compounded by several factors – utilization, poor availability, acquisition…

Accelerated EAM: Leveraging Technology & Skill to Go Fast and Be Safe

By Paul McNamara | June 17, 2020

Speed is the key to competitive advantage and speed is not possible without visibility to obstacles – but it is only an advantage if you can see things your competitors can’t and then know what to do about them. Seeing less known but nonetheless serious obstacles require technology and competence. Without them, you can’t go…

Asset Management Best Practices: Navigating Covid-19

By Dennis Fuller | June 15, 2020

We’ve relied very much over the years on informal “water cooler” or “hallway” conversations to get caught up, coordinate, and build background narratives with our colleagues and teams at work; To check progress and see where people need help. These have been habitual practices that make things work but are now severely curtailed. These conversations…

Every Environment is Someone’s Production Environment

By James McNamara | June 10, 2020

Any complete definition of “Production” must include work that supports the making of some thing or service. That inclusion opens up “production” to include everyone’s work – it really includes your company’s whole supply chain. Wherever work is done is some form of production environment. If that environment (e.g.: computer, truck, instrument, lab space, test…

Covid-19 and The Urgency for Change. Finding & Navigating Dangerous Bumps!

By Dennis Fuller | June 8, 2020

Businesses have been grappling for years with changes in technology and practices driven by the new competitive requirements of the 4th Industrial Revolution (IR4). Then the Covid-19 pandemic appeared and that urgency drove new practices because they were required immediately to continue operations. The pandemic has kicked off a race for improvements and digitization that…

Introducing Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management – aEAM

By Paul McNamara | May 25, 2020

Asset-Intensive operations have their own set of unique challenges when considering how they will be transformed for speed and cost competitiveness post-Covid-19. aEAM is looking like an answer to CEOs who, emboldened by the initial adoption of collaboration tools made necessary by Covid-19, intend to accelerate broader changes required to drive speed and efficiency into…

Software Training & Implementation Aimed at Outcomes

By Paul McNamara | April 19, 2020

Unless you plan to produce great results, you don’t have a chance at producing them.  They don’t happen by accident. The outcomes you aim at will specify what kinds of tools you will need and how you will need to use those tools.  The same tools can be used by two different people or the…

The Pandemic Has Exposed Asset Management Failings & Opportunities

By Paul McNamara | April 5, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a huge disruption, but if we are honest it has already shown us how unprepared we are to react to quickly changing events effectively.  This capability to adapt is a competitive necessity today with or without the pandemic.  To compete in the 4th Industrial Revolution requires resilience and speed and…