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Our Enterprise Asset Management blog focuses on asset management philosophy as well as tactical and strategic knowledge about how EAM may be used to accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs...significantly.  We hope the content of our Enterprise Asset Management Blog is helpful to individuals and teams looking to compete in today's challenging environment.  We have been recognized by various customers and industry analysts for our results.  We share a bit about "how" in this blog.

Read to learn more about how to end hoarding of equipment in asset-intensive environments, increasing utilization by as must as 400%, reducing costs by 50% or more and increasing teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. There are posts about asset management teams, maintenance teams, engineering and manufacturing reams, software and practice design, enterprise and facility transformation, and much more.  

Is Your Team Ready for Its Moneyball Moment?

By Paul McNamara | September 28, 2020

New competitive requirements for speed and efficiency are driving companies to rethink the way they operate to avoid existential threats. In a moment of similar significance, the Oakland A’s baseball team needed a new, more competitive, and transformative strategy. The strategy they invented, dubbed “Moneyball”, succeeded wildly outperforming traditional management approaches.  Using it the A’s…

With aEAM, a New Day is Dawning for Maintenance Teams

By Dennis Fuller | September 15, 2020

An ongoing critical concern of asset-intensive operations is ensuring the equipment is operational and available to produce output. A company’s revenue depends on it. Profitability is reduced if not managed effectively and the reputation of the maintenance/support teams can suffer. In a world where we have to learn to go faster and cut costs, old…

Win the Race with Better Coordination of Capacity & Constraints

By Lacey Caminsky | September 8, 2020

In today’s fast-changing environment, business teams need to be able to anticipate resource constraints and plan contingencies quickly to avoid costly delays and frustrations. Failure to perform to new competitive requirements could mean the difference between winning and losing new business.  Teams are being asked to… Cut time-to-market by 50%… and cut cost 50%. Hoarding…

Drive Test Equipment Utilization to Enable Investments

By Rob Small | September 4, 2020

Driving test equipment utilization is critical to meeting today’s competitive challenges.  Freeing up capacity for innovation and growth has never been more important. Companies are being asked to bring products to market in half the time and reduce their cost of operations up to 50% to succeed against aggressive global competitors. In hi-tech manufacturing businesses,…

Test Equipment being calibrated

Reduce Calibration Costs, Increase Quality & Speed!

By James Fisher | September 1, 2020

Most people understand the importance of calibrated equipment to quality measurements and most people think it costs too much. It actually does, probably by 25% or more, which is why so many companies have projects to reduce calibration costs.  Those costs aren’t high because your calibration supplier’s cost per calibration is too high or quality…

Soar With New Competitive Asset Management Capabilities! If You Want to Accelerate, Take Your Foot off the Brakes.

By Paul McNamara | August 24, 2020

The competitive landscape is changing fast.  It is an exciting and dangerous time.  New competitive requirements for speed and efficiency – doubling speed and reducing costs in half – cannot be achieved with historical approaches focused only on myopic views of asset performance, e.g. asset downtime, MTBF, OEE. While still important, rather than ends in…

Avoid “The Grind.” Catch the Next Asset Management Wave!

By Paul McNamara | August 17, 2020

According to the dictionary, when you grind something you use force to wear down, crush, or pulverize it. When we use “grind” to describe our work the characterization is stark. The “grind” produces moods of resignation, distrust, cynicism, and fatigue that are as unrelenting as the forces producing them. We don’t have to work in…

Is Your Asset Management Team Focused on Winning?

By Paul McNamara | August 7, 2020

Winning requires a full team effort, all seats filled with skilled players, everyone pulling in the same direction, and focused on the same outcome: winning. Winning teams are fun to be a part of and can be deeply meaningful to our business and career success. Today’s challenge is what constitutes a win is changing rapidly…

Virtualizing aEAM Feasibility, Planning & Install: Faster, Lower Cost, Accelerated Results

By Paul McNamara | July 29, 2020

aEAM (Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management) achieves 2X to 4X improvements to asset utilization, throughput, and speed compared with typical asset management solutions.  You can now launch twice as fast getting results in 30 to 60 days!  Great projects have great potential and get key constituents on board to drive the change with the knowledge and…

Adaptability = Speed = Profitability

By James McNamara | July 10, 2020

The rate of change in business has been accelerating for some time. There is quite a bit of talk in the business press about how quickly situations change in our current market environment. Technology is often seen as an enabler for moving and adjusting to the rapidly changing situations we are faced with during any…