Keeping Up With the 4th Industrial Revolution

Throughout history, certain technologies have revolutionized the world’s industries, changing them forever. Steam power and machines changed manufacturing and business forever, as did electricity about 50 years later, followed by computers once they came around.

We currently find ourselves in yet another revolution, as our technology becomes more and more advanced. It’s no longer as simple as using computers; when utilized correctly, you can make your computers use computers. With the advancement of technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, the blockchain and more, businesses are capable of things that we could not even dream of a mere decade ago. Countless companies who were once at the top of their field are now out of business due to their inability to look forward, adapt, and innovate.

The business of test is no exception. Our core purpose is to help our customer’s engineering and test teams to compete effectively in this Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Sente Group deploys teams of professionals who work with customers on their campuses and in their test environments, combining the technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the forward-thinking, progressive mindset that is crucial to adapting and surviving in today’s industry. With this approach, we drive unprecedented performance improvements such as maintenance and support cost reductions of 50%, capital budget reductions of up to 75%, reduction in unproductive user time of up to 90%, and test equipment utilization increases of 400% or more.

The Sente Group produces proven, lasting results that help our customers execute their key strategies in ways that traditional equipment or asset management solutions can’t match. Don’t get left behind by today’s technology; harness it, and take your business to the next level.