Sente Group CEO to Share Ideas for More Efficient Test Equipment Asset Management

McNamara’s session at NPMA Fall Educational Conference will focus on improving processes, increasing profits

Atlanta, GA – Paul McNamara, Test Resource Management expert and CEO of The Sente Group, presents new methods for maximizing efficiency and profits in the test environment at the NPMA Fall Educational Conference, in Berkley, Calif.

“Test resource utilization, a critical measure of efficiency, is an area where many companies fall short,” said McNamara. “Companies commonly try to improve efficiency by refining traditional property management approaches. But today’s new economic challenges can’t be effectively addressed using old paradigms.”

To help business leaders adapt to modern demands, McNamara will present a general conference session titled, “Improving Processes, Efficiency and Profits through Asset Management,” from 1:15-2 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 8. The presentation will emphasize the importance of understanding critical value streams in a business to successfully integrate solutions that reduce cost in those value streams for reinvestment in new product development or other strategic imperatives.

Later that day, McNamara will participate in an expert panel discussion, “Technology & Solutions: Getting There from Here,” from 4-6 p.m., which will address the wide range of technologies and solutions available to asset management professionals to improve their operations.

Over the last decade, McNamara has helped Fortune 500 companies use human and financial capital in test more effectively to increase profitability and enterprise value. Through Sente’s Test Resource Management™ (TRM) approach, customers are able to manage all classes of test equipment, increase utilization, reduce obsolescence risk, improve responsiveness of test operations and much more. Today, the company’s award-winning solutions are recognized for making a significant business impact in cost savings and innovation.

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