Sente Group CEO Presents Breakthrough Methodologies for Managing the Test Organizations at AIAA’s AVIATION

Award winning approach has helped industry-leading companies increase revenue, productivity


ATLANTA — Paul McNamara, CEO of The Sente Group, presents breakthrough methodologies for managing the resources of large test organizations at AIAA’s AVIATION in Atlanta, Georgia. As part of the “Ground Test Facility Operation and Improvement” track, the presentation will emphasize the importance of managing test operations, considering three key factors – the test value stream, assets and knowledge.

McNamara’s presentation will explore the current economic environment for test; the systematic and cultural issues that drive costs; and proven methods for reducing capital costs, focusing on critical human capital and accelerating time-to-market. It will emphasize the need to depart from outdated philosophies of several management methodologies, including “property,” “asset,” or “equipment” management programs, with long established histories and results that can no longer support today’s critical challenges.

“By recognizing these systemic barriers to success and adopting more competitive philosophies, companies will have the ability to be more adaptive and responsive for customers, while reconfiguring or consolidating test operations seamlessly and improving resource utilization,” said McNamara. “Improving resource utilization frees up capital investment and key technical personnel to work on strategic growth projects. Companies that get it right bring in a lot more revenue with a lot less capital required.”

This approach has enabled The Sente Group to produce award-winning results with its own Test Resource Management™ solution suite. Sente has helped companies improve test resource utilization by up to 400 percent while cutting capital budgets by as much as 75 percent.

“While many test organizations are experiencing increased demand, unrelenting downward pressure on their costs, increased schedule compression, and high visibility attention from customers, they must change their approach to succeed. They know doing more of the same in a significantly changed environment is a recipe for disaster, and that success in this new environment requires changing their philosophical approach to managing resources in test,” McNamara continued.

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