Sente Group CEO Presents Proven, Profitable Approach to Managing the Test Environment

ATLANTA – Paul McNamara, founder and CEO of The Sente Group, presents proven methods that cut costs and maximize efficiency in the test environment at the 30th Annual International Test and Evaluation Symposium, in Arlington, Virginia.


McNamara’s presentation addressed the significant results that test resource management can deliver by effectively utilizing existing capital – financial, operational and human capital – at a time when all three are constrained. Utilizing this strategic approach, which aims to understand and shift employees’ behaviors to improve utilization and productivity across the organization, companies can realize groundbreaking results, such as:

  • 50% to 70% reduction in capital spend
  • 75% to 95% reduction in unproductive user time
  • Increase of underutilized test equipment by 4X

“Amidst the budgetary and operational challenges companies continue to face, there’s a tremendous opportunity for those willing to think and act differently regarding the strategic significance test resource management is capable of delivering,” said McNamara. “A more strategic approach can accelerate the delivery of high-quality products and services to market at a lower cost, helping to maintain and grow profitability.”

Furthermore, the presentation explored how these holistic strategies help companies avoid unnecessary costs for additional equipment, improve the utilization and value of existing assets, and increase productivity. With better managed systems, employees can more effectively focus on delivering products and services that make their companies successful.

Over the last decade, McNamara has helped Fortune 500 companies use human and financial capital in test more effectively to increase profitability and enterprise value. Through Sente’s Test Resource Management™ (TRM) approach, customers are able to manage all classes of test equipment, increase utilization, reduce obsolescence risk, improve responsiveness of test operations, and much more.

About The Sente Group

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