Sente Group CEO Presents Uncommon Approach to Improving Test Organization Competitiveness

Paul McNamara will present effective test resource management approach that improves productivity, decreases costs at 28th Annual Aerospace Testing Seminars\

ATLANTA – Paul McNamara, founder and CEO of The Sente Group, presents “Creating a Competitive Advantage Through an Uncommon Approach to Managing the Test Environment” at the 28th Annual Aerospace Testing Seminar, in Los Angeles, California. The theme for the seminar is, “Navigating the New Normal in Aerospace Testing.”

McNamara’s presentation will address the significant results that test resource management can deliver by actively aligning test resources with the critical process / value stream activities required to test complex aerospace systems.  His presentation will demonstrate proven methods for continually measuring test process effectiveness and how to improve those processes by leveraging the right resources and knowledge to ensure test organizations keep costs down while improving responsiveness to customers.

This approach enables companies to leverage their capital – financial, operational and human capital – at a time when all three are constrained. Utilizing this strategic approach, which aims to understand and shift organizational behaviors to improve utilization and productivity across the organization, companies have realized groundbreaking results, such as:

  • 50% to 70% reduction in capital spend (leveraging existing capital)
  • 75% to 95% reduction in non-value added time by key technical personnel (eliminating process waste)
  • Accuracy of program cost estimates (tracking actuals to plan)

Improvements in first pass yield ( providing closed-looped testing feedback to development organizations)

“Companies in aerospace defense are challenged to do more with less in order to be competitive,” said McNamara. “In this ‘new normal’ environment, many companies are finding they have to take cost out, even as the demand for testing in their organization grows. Test organizations must act to reorganize how they manage their test processes and resources. Failure to act will mean certain failure – either because their costs will be too high or, if they “cut costs,” because they won’t have the resources required to get testing done on-time. Companies challenged in this way need a ‘Force Multiplier’ for their test organizations, and our approach and solutions hit the mark,” McNamara continued.

Over the last decade, McNamara and The Sente Group have helped Fortune 500 companies use human and financial capital in test more effectively to increase profitability and enterprise value. Through Sente’s Test Resource Management™ (TRM) approach, customers are able to manage all classes of test equipment, increase utilization, reduce obsolescence risk, improve responsiveness of test operations, and much more.

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