The Sente Group Participates in Frost & Sullivan Hall of Fame Panel

ATLANTA – The Sente Group participated in a Frost and Sullivan “Hall of Fame” panel discussion moderated by Krishna Srinivasan, Frost and Sullivan Global President. The panel discussion was part of the larger Frost and Sullivan Silicon Valley “Growth and Leadership” conference attended by leading executives across many industries.



The panel discussion shared insights from successful business executives on how their companies developed their core competencies, evolve their value propositions to stay meaningful and relevant, and measure the value they produce for customers. The discussion was designed to help companies in attendance benefit from the expertise of the panelists and the lessons learned and shared.

“When we invite someone onto a panel like this it is because the company has a proven track record of excellence over time in bringing innovations to market,” said Srinivasan in his opening remarks. “Sente didn’t just have a good year. I’ve been paying attention to the company since the late 1990’s.”

Sente was founded in 1997 with a revolutionary asset management solution that has evolved over the years to become the operating system for large test organizations. While Sente still includes the award winning asset management components in its offer, its value today goes much further. Sente is helping its clients manage their critical test knowledge, capabilities and people to reduce cycle times, improve first pass yield on tests and enables the test organization to be much more responsive, cost effective and agile in the face of changing demands.

“Our focus at Sente is to produce a competitive advantage for our customers. To do that means creating continuous innovations in a world where if you stand still your competitors will move past you,” Paul McNamara, President & CEO of The Sente Group said. “It’s my privilege to share my experiences to help other businesses grow more successfully, more quickly.”

The Sente Group was awarded Frost and Sullivan’s 2013 Customer Value Enhancement Award for their services’ capacity to deliver measurable results that are sustainable over time, delivering millions of dollars in savings as well as cycle time reduction, and earning the company awards from several of their customers for the significance of the results. “Sente’s tag line — What’s Next in Test® — has been a call to action for the company since its founding, reinforcing The Sente Group’s more than 15 year commitment to keep reaching higher to attain What’s Next for its customers.”

About The Sente Group

Since 1997, The Sente Group ( has helped a variety of market leaders bring new profitability, speed and engineering productivity to their test-related functions. Headquartered in Atlanta with teams of professionals working with customers across North America, Sente is the only national provider focused exclusively on helping companies integrate and streamline the interdependence of people, practices and tools that drives all test-related activities in engineering cultures.