Enterprise Asset Management

Working Together, Better
Reducing Distractions, Giving Your Teams Better Tools and Reducing Costs

Enterprise Asset Management Like No Other

Scireo's Enterprise Asset Management System:  Designed for Practitioners, by Practitioners and producing outcomes that are strategic for your enterprise.

Our Enterprise Asset Management solution has been recognized with industry awards and, more importantly, awards from our customers.  Success with asset management is always about more than just the assets.  Producing award-winning results like those outlined on this page requires "active" management practices that are aligned with the value stream processes where your assets are used.

Working Together, Better with this EAM solution means an end to equipment hoarding, better availability of equipment, lowest total-cost of equipment and new opportunities for cooperation and invention.  It also means better capabilities and new strategic projects funded by savings produced in the following areas.

  • Equipment Acquisition Costs
  • Cost of Equipment Downtime
  • Equipment support costs, like calibration and repair
  • Rental costs (although rentals can be used strategically)
  • Facilities space savings
  • Write-offs
  • Physical Inventory Costs


Enterprise Asset Management Outcomes

50% - 75% OPEX & CAPEX Savings

Active Asset Optimization Using Data and Workflows in Consoles

30% Reduced Downtime

Enabled by Quick Issue Capture, Performance Metrics and Escalations



Trustworthy Processes Increase Availability, Sharing and Utilization


99% + Compliance

Enabled by Tight Controls, Visibility and Simple Workflows

Notable Quotes

"What I like about TRM is how it has turned my engineers into businesspeople. They think in terms of investment and return now."

VP of Engineering

“My engineers have high praise. They say Sente's solution has saved them lots of money, given them access to a huge inventory of test equipment and saved them the time and trouble of securing the right equipment for the job.”

Engineering Manager

“Test Resource Management has been instrumental in changing the mindset of engineering to think in terms of sharing the test equipment, and treating the test environment as a business within a business.”


Director of Engineering

"The program helped company leaders exceed their capital avoidance goal by more than 100 percent, and top their operating expense savings and cash-flow targets by more than 300 percent." 


Director of Finance

Notable Features

Asset Management Software
Enterprise Asset Management & Repository of test resources and knowledge available across the entire platform including in-depth equipment capabilities, obsolescence and market data.

Accountability Consoles

Accountability consoles enable tracking of process compliance so trust in the processes grows.  As trust builds in all engineering processes, so does sharing, collaboration, and speed.


Action Grid

Customize your data grids for whatever workflow you are executing whether you are scheduling calibrations, analyzing test process breakdowns and corrective actions or simply accounting for assets you own.


Mobile Capabilities

Scireo's mobile platform includes mobile phone options in ios and Android as well as Kiosk options for quick and easy access in locations where not everyone can be expected to have a cell phone.


Kiosk Capabilities

Kiosk options are provided for quick and easy access in locations where not everyone can be expected to have a cell phone. Access is made simple utilizing a company badge for quick access.


Asset Cost and Risk Optimization Software
Capability for assessing equipment inventory risk, planning capacity, optimizing utilization and availability while reducing total-cost-of-ownership.


Equipment Search

Finding the piece of equipment that will fulfill your needs quickly is essential to speed and eliminating just-in-case equipment and costs.


Inventory Risk Console: Obsolescence Distribution

As risky assets are removed, reliability improves. Knowing historical and planned utilization, specific program use and obsolescence data enable teams to remove those ticking time-bombs.


Utilization Console

This console provides access to summary and asset level utilization detail.  Summary detail is used to assess trends relative to goals while drilling down to details enables specific actions to be triggered from the Action Grid for specific assets. e.g. update need dates, centralize, remove from recall.


Inventory Risk Console: Obsolescence & Use Distribution

This view enables managers and decision-makers to view specific segments of their equipment inventory to assess risk. This Utilization Distribution screen highlights areas of high utilization, obsolete or nearly-obsolete assets with low or no additional quantity in the inventory.  Using the Characteristic Distribution view, opportunities for risk reduction in the inventory can be found and exploited by leveraging pockets of underutilized and technically current capacity (e.g. a spectrum analyzer operating in a specific frequency range).

Computerized Maintenance Management Software

Software for preventing downtime including scheduling of maintenance events in multiple time horizons, documenting maintenance methods, auto-scheduling events, managing service teams, and escalating downtime issues when they occur.


Equipment Performance Console (downtime, rts, MTBS)

Ongoing analysis of equipment performance enables proactive shaping of the inventory to increase uptime, reducing costly delays in investment in un-needed equipment.


Equipment Performance Console (Pareto)

Being able to analyze systemic issues in your engineering test environment and feed a closed-loop improvement process is essential to driving speed and cost reduction.


Visual Display

Our visual display can be used on a desktop or large-screen display to quickly identify and locate issues. Indicators can be inserted on facility layouts or any custom layout.


Maintenance Checklists

Our checklists are able to infinitely expand database schema quickly, without development, in a way that is available to workflows and reporting. Includes the ability to use radio buttons, pull-down menus and configure fields for dates, times/duration, and money. Users can also attach documents/schematics, images or links.

Other Capabilities:

  • Escalations and Notifications
  • Create service tickets
  • Asset Pedigree Data
  • Time-based or metered maintenance
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Configuration/Parent-Child
  • Calibration Management
  • Equipment Request Workflows
  • Open Field Search and Compare
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Scheduling / Auto Scheduling
  • Service History Tracking
  • Technician Management
  • Barcoding / RFID
  • Work Order Management
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • Document Management
  • Downtime Tracking
  • Reason code tracking and analysis
  • Financial Benefits Console
  • Integration with IoT
  • Asset Accountability Consoles
  • Waste Reduction Console
  • Custodian Assignment
  • Resource Action Grid
  • Service Scheduling
  • Multiple Barcode/ID Tracking
  • Asset Catalog
  • Asset/Model Search
  • Substitution Search
  • Technical Capability Search
  • Equipment Availability Search
  • Mobile Access
  • Full Lifecycle Asset Management
  • Equipment Options
  • Utilization Algorithms
  • Utilization Console
  • Notification Engine
  • Inventory Controls
  • Obsolescence Analysis
  • Acquisition Workflow
  • Disposition Workflow
  • Equipment Demand Planning
  • Budget Management
  • OEE

It is important that all investments produce returns. Working with your team and leverage our FinanceTRM module we give you that real-time visibility.


Everyone knows that poor communication is a big part of why most projects fail to reach full potential. During a time of fast change poor communication also leads to distrust and lack of engagement.  Our communication methodology targets specific roles with complete narratives and multiple sources of interaction ensuring all key constituents are engaged, adopting the practices and producing breakthrough results.