Sente’s Solution Components…What They Are, What They Aren’t and The Big Picture

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Paul McNamara

Sente’s Pioneering Efforts

Sente has been recognized as the pioneer of the Test Resource Management space where our solutions have been winning awards from customers and analysts for over 20 years.  This has been the vision we’ve pursued since our founding in 1997 and it is why we have the complete solution set that we have today.

Integration is Key

Our Test Resource Management solution is comprised of other solutions that, integrated, make up our Test Resource Management solution.

One of the integrated components we are now well known for is our Enterprise Asset Management Solution.  The truth is, we never set out to build an asset management solution.  We didn’t even know they existed and, of course, 22 years ago when we started they mostly didn’t — at least not in the numbers they do today.  We just knew we had to find a way to reduce the significant costs companies were incurring due to their underutilized assets.

Fifteen years ago most test equipment rental companies, 3rd party calibration and repair companies, and OEMs had “asset management” solutions as “value-added” for the customers of their solutions.  Some had asset tracking databases and all considered their database combined with their core offer (rental, calibration, etc.) their “asset management” offer.  Back then, if you asked 100 different people what asset management was, you’d get 100 different answers and none of them was the solution we had.

What Sente’s Solutions are Not

…although the use of these tactical solutions is often leveraged through our solutions.  These type of solution providers can have their databases connected to ours through APIs or other means to keep the costs of data transfer low.

  • Equipment Repair and Calibration
  • Equipment Rental and Leasing
  • Asset Disposal Services

What Sente Solutions are…Tactically

I used to tell people who would ask me, often at industry conferences, that we were not like these other solutions they would ask me about. I didn’t know at the time, but we actually did have most of these capabilities but the totality of our solution was designed to produce much bigger outcomes.  Some of the solutions we were asked about are listed below.

  • Asset Management Software
  • Asset Tracking Software
  • Property Management Software
  • Calibration Recall Software
  • Maintenance Management Software
  • Knowledge Repository

It was clear to me we had some of these same capabilities in our solution but because we weren’t touting the same outcomes they were I didn’t see us as the same.  Nothing close.  We were designed to significantly reduce test costs and pretty quickly saw that we also increased the speed of the test process.  When we sold our solutions we spoke about net financial effects on companies’ income statements and balance sheets in the millions to tens of millions of dollars.  We spoke about decreased time-to-market and significant labor savings.  That was, and still is, the focus of all of our solutions. These other solutions spoke about much lower-level concerns like compliance and tracking. It turns out we take care of all these tactics as well but to a higher standard and as part of a bigger and more impactful solution.

What Sente Solutions Are…The Big Picture

We are everything mentioned above plus a few additional features, more importantly, whose components are organized to work together to deliver the outcomes we promise.  If our solution was a jigsaw puzzle a couple of the pieces might look like solutions found in the marketplace today — only much more capable to enable the real, measurable results we promise.

We are an enterprise resource planning and execution platform focused on the peculiarities of test and how it integrates with engineering and manufacturing processes to increase speed and reduce cost.

Our solution components are Working Together, Better than is possible with other “one-off” solutions and as a result, our customer’s teams are Working Together, Better and getting products to market faster and lower costs.

Sente is the “New” Kid on the Block

We’ve been winning awards since before there was a market for many of these capabilities.  Our capabilities more than match the rest of the marketplace, but they have unique capabilities, in addition, to drive speed, resilience, and competitiveness into your engineering and manufacturing processes.  If you are in the market for solutions like these, give us a call, we won’t just sell solutions, we’ll promise results.

  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Software


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