Finance & Quality

Working Together, Better by Transforming the way test resource investment decisions are made and supported

The ability to make resource investment decisions quickly & effectively then following up to ensure those investments are used and maintained so they produce the expected return once in service are critical to winning in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In this new age of competition, Finance and Quality must move beyond being audit functions, simply executing their functional tasks disconnected from how the groups they support operate – because how those functions operate is changing fast.

Working Together, Better means being be part of the team, helping team members make judgments about where to invest, how to support those investments once fielded and keeping track of how those investments are performing.

Finance & Quality Outcomes


Active Asset Optimization through consoles. Fact-base financing.

99%+ Inventory Accountability

Enabled by Accountability Consoles.  Significantly reduced write-offs.


Increased utilization through active management using AccessTRM Consoles.

2X Proactive

Changed behaviors due to easy access, shared visibility of plans and issues

Notable Quotes

“We wanted to understand Sente’s Total Cost of Ownership model – which was very detailed – and make sure the cost savings were real. Our own analysis confirmed that TRM would save us money. But at the end of the day, we moved forward because of the increased capacity the solution would provide to our engineering organization.”

Director of Finance

"What I like about TRM is how it has turned my engineers into businesspeople. They think in terms of investment and return now."

VP of Engineering

“The direct savings are great. However, the biggest reason we hired Sente was how their services enable productivity and increase ongoing efficiency in our organization.”

Division Controller

“From a quality standpoint, I place a great deal of value on Sente’s solutions. Part of our quality mission is to make sure that whenever we process something we’ll deliver to a customer – whether it’s a product or software – we have the proper equipment to test it. With Sente, we know someone has a handle on that.”

Division Quality & Continuous Improvement Manager

“Test Resource Management has been instrumental in changing the mindset of engineering to think in terms of sharing the test equipment, and treating the test environment as a business within a business,”

Director of Engineering Labs

Notable Features

Enterprise Asset Management Software
Enterprise Asset Management & Repository of test resources and knowledge available across the entire platform including in-depth equipment capabilities, obsolescence and market data.

Accountability Consoles

Accountability consoles enable tracking of process compliance so trust in the processes grows.  As trust builds in all engineering processes, so does sharing, collaboration, and speed.


FinanceTRM: Total-Cost Benefits Calculator

Accounting for program benefits is often tedious and time-consuming and for this reason, often doesn't happen effectively.  With FinanceTRM financial impacts are calculated real-time from transactions accumulated in the system and compared to goals enable quick judgments about whether course corrections are required.


Optimizing the use of your capital and controlling budgets
Capability for accessing equipment availability, making requests for equipment, assessing equipment inventory risk, planning capacity, optimizing utilization and reducing total-cost-of-ownership


Risk Reduction Console

As risky assets are removed, reliability improves. Knowing historical and planned utilization, specific program use and obsolescence data enable teams to remove those ticking time-bombs.


Utilization Console

This console provides access to summary and asset level utilization detail.  Summary detail is used to assess trends relative to goals while drilling down to details enables specific actions to be triggered from the Action Grid for specific assets. e.g. update need dates, centralize, remove from recall.

Capability for planning and coordinating multiple test events with the resources, equipment, and associated calibration and maintenance services required to avoid unforeseen, last-minute conflicts or delays

Lab Management Console

Bring visibility to all key test activities and associated resources enabling proactive attention to actions required by support groups, from maintenance to conformity.


Capacity Console

Using Scireo capacity consoles to be able to assess, plan and optimize capacity required to fulfill your various projects.  Drill down to get request level details where required.  Use this not only for managing equipment capacity but managing labor as well.


Software for preventing downtime including scheduling of maintenance events in multiple time horizons, documenting maintenance methods, auto-scheduling events, managing service teams, and escalating downtime issues when they occur.


Equipment Performance Console (downtime, rts, MTBS)

Ongoing analysis of equipment performance enables proactive shaping of the inventory to increase uptime, reducing costly delays in investment in un-needed equipment.


Equipment Performance Console (Pareto)

Being able to analyze systemic issues in your engineering test environment and feed a closed-loop improvement process is essential to driving speed and cost reduction.

It is important that all investments produce returns. Working with your team and leverage our FinanceTRM module we give you that real-time visibility.


Everyone knows that poor communication is a big part of why most projects fail to reach full potential. Enabling test teams to make better decisions faster and to have those decisions drive improved quality and return-on-investment is critical to success.  Our communication methodology targets specific roles with complete narratives that explain TRM practices, including effects on financial performance and quality.