Introducing Scireo Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management, aEAM

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Paul McNamara

The most asset-intensive and costly part of any manufacturing business is its test equipment operations. Test equipment is an essential and very costly component of the product development process in engineering and the order to cash processes in manufacturing and field support/MRO. These processes are complex and costly, tend to be slow or erratic, and are, therefore, a great source of improvement opportunities.  Test’s ubiquitous presence in mission-critical engineering, manufacturing, and MRO processes makes it uniquely high-leverage as a focus for cost containment and process acceleration. It is why Sente began with a focus on what we called, Test Resource Management, or TRM.

Test Resource Management becomes Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management (aEAM)

For years common asset and property management solutions were used in test operations to produce incremental improvements to asset costs but had a negative effect on speed. These disconnected solutions were incapable of leveraging enterprise assets to produce “one company” benefits across organizations.

Managing assets is a much different game in engineering than it is in manufacturing or quality. In order to get leverage, the system must be a global system across functions but also be must be tailorable, configurable, and infused with the knowledge that makes each enterprise process resilient.

In a “siloed” asset management approach team coordination is thwarted. Assets are “managed” with responsibilities spread across different functions from purchasing to property management, maintenance, facilities, and quality/calibration all typically using different software or spreadsheets making coordination among these groups costly and slow.

Users can’t trust they’ll have what they need when they need it, as a result of the above issues. This untrustworthiness drives users of equipment to hoard assets, schedules, support functions, and labor driving cost up in the process.  Hoarding assets leads to a vicious cycle that keeps system data inaccurate and non-compliant and drives utilization down, and costs up. It reinforces the need to hoard more.

We invented TRM to break the hoarding in silos and drive cost reduction and speed.  We’ve recently rebranded our solution because it frankly can bring value in many more areas outside test as well.

Introducing Accelerated Enterprise Asset Management (aEAM)

aEAM is an innovation that goes beyond typical “siloed” or “fragmented” asset management or enterprise asset management solutions that focus singularly on compliance and, when there are issues, often shifts the burden of compliance to the user without any significant ability to help.

aEAM integrates user workflows and the data that drives operational and design decisions – providing a level of support to all equipment users that they can’t get from siloed solutions.

aEAM is comprised of the following award-winning applications:

aEAM has a long history with Honeywell with an install base that includes R&O, ISC and Engineering centers across the globe. If you need help managing your assets, reach out to…..

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See how Scireo aEAM Software drops asset and support costs by 50% while accelerating time-to-market 2X.

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Notable Quotes

“As part of our Test Resource Management (TRM) initiative, we have been designing and implementing new tools and practices to bring more speed, agility, and efficiency to our operations. Having the right resources in the right place at the right time helps to improve our data capture. With better data, we are able to reduce test costs by 25% to 30% and free up funds that can be invested to support breakthrough initiatives and growth.”

Director – Engineering Test